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6 Must Knows Princples for Leaders in the Future


The leadership methods of the past are not enough.

Leader of the Future by Peter Drucker, made the Top 15 ……and with good reason.

The days of ‘Just Do It’ the way it is ‘laid out’ will not cut it as leadership anymore. ¬†The deals a dime a dozen out there today and more people looking and joining daily than ever before….. the ‘caveman’ approach to Leadership is about as effective as an umbrella in a hurricane.

KEY: New people buy the leader BEFORE they buy the vision.

What does that mean?

It means that as bad as they want to get their husband off the road…..or pay for the kids education……or get their wife at home with the kids………..they will believe in YOU before that dream makes the longest journey in the world….from the head to the heart……once the dream gets to the heart…..things are better…….but they do not get great until they learn to lead……which, ironically, they learn from you.

So you better be good for 2 reasons….

1. It is YOU that facilitates the movement of their dream from the head to the heart.

2. It is YOU that teaches them to lead by what you do and what you say.

It today’s competitive market place…..and that combativeness is compounded by the internet…..you better be the leader of the future now…..not later.

See, the beauty of all the Tom, Dick and Harry’s believing ‘systems’ will do all the work for them and they never have to talk to anyone, [did their Momma’s teach them anything ? ūüôā ], it is that personal attention gives you an edge…..had a guy yesterday tell me he was ‘stunned’ I called.

But……and this is important….the people enrolling today, who are serious and not ‘lottery-heads’ [believing they don’t have to do anything but point and click], are more discerning and, if you learn and practice these 6 tiny things…..they will not only gladly follow but become leaders, real leaders.

1. Encourage their passion.

Don’t let what you think is important – plan, product, company, making money, etc., close your ears….find out what they are passionate about, write it down and make sure you build it into every conversation. ¬†Most people go their whole life without someone asking them what is important to them…..find out and support that passion.

2. Enhance their ability

Find out what they can do well, teach them some skills to help them do better. ¬†Link what you are teaching to their passion…… e.g. “I am asking you to learn this skill so we can get your husband off the road and then we can help other families have more time with each other..”

Once you share a few skills with them in areas that they are comfortable with….work WITH them to enhance that skill set.

3. Value their time

Most people start part-time and have a full-time job.  Their time is limited.  Value it.


Show up for appointments/3-ways early.

Be prepared.

Undivided attention.

Action focus.

4. Build their network

Don’t tell them what to do, do it with them.

Do you know how few people get this?

Then, do it with their people while they listen in.

Do you know even fewer people do this?

They learn what to do, hands on…..then you teach them how to teach others.

This 3-Deep Pattern is leadership, leadership of the future…..and for us, and new reps, the future is right now.

This so, so separates you from the ‘branded’ ..ahem, experts.

5. Support their dreams

This is different from their passion.

It is not some silly, ‘why’…..it is much deeper than that.

Find out, a week or two in, for them to paint a verbal picture of their life ……for you……once their credit card stuff is cleared up, hubby is now home…..and 15,000 a month or more is rolling in.

Find out what they would do if they owned their own life.

Once this happens, send [not email…..yuck], pictures of them in their dreams.

Commit to their dreams, know them inside out……get your upline involved with these ‘little things’ then DO THE WORK TO GET THEM>>>WITH THEM.

This is support, not lip service.

Get 3-4 people what they want and your business will be bigger than you can think.

1000s of MLMers……ask for a ‘why’ from an new rep but never look at it again.

I do…..I get the future and you can so separate yourself from the pack.

DO THE WORK WITH THEM and link the work you are doing together to their dream.

6. Expand their contribution

Networkers will work just as hard for recognition as money……I know what you are thinking….”I don’t care about that stuff, being on stage”

Well, that MAY be true….but it is not accurate.

It might be recognition from a spouse…..their Dad or Mom……no matter.

As they grow get the spotlight on them and make sure you are not their to take a bow with them.

Each success they have? ¬†Get it in your newletter…..get them on conference calls…..not ready to train…..great, recognize and ask them to share ‘how they are doing it’…..and BANG:::> you’ve expanded their contribution. ¬†Let other’s know what an important piece of the puzzle they are…..expand thier success into the group.

These simple and sound tips……all connected and so easy to do all 6 in the course of your day will …..make or break your ability to lead in the future.

And since you’ll be spending the rest of your life in the future…….isn’t it time to get to leading that way right now?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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4 Things We Must Do To Activate Covey’s 8th Habit and Grow


The idea behind Covey’s 8th Habit is finding our voice…….We’ve covered the bases about how to discover it, how to use it to create influence and how to declare intention…….but to use our voice to activate our teams and get duplication is the bottom line.

There are just 4 little things we need to do to make that happen and it will drive your team into the sweet spot of duplication than anything I have discovered in 20 years.

These are 4 easy to manage disciplines for people who have found their voice.

These disciplines, along with some simple skills,  vastly improve the teams ability to focus, express power and execute the top priority, recruiting.

1. Focus on the Wildly Important.

It is the nature of people to focus on one thing at a time….and…..that is not always the one thing that will drive a business, talking to people. ¬† The more goals we set of the team, the less likely they will be achieved. ¬†get everyone on the same page, same goal……and the probability of that one thing getting accomplished goes up dramatically. ¬†In networking, people tend to want to do other things …..instead of contacting prospects…..which is where the money really is.

Teach and preach this mantra….”The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing….because it it the main thing.” ¬†The main thing is contact prospects and invite them to review information.

The main thing is the wildly important thing. ¬†Focus on this one thing and keep your team focus on recruiting and don’t dilute it with other choices.

2. Create a Compelling Scoreboard

Athletes play differently in a game than in practice, they kick it up a notch. ¬† If winning was not important, why would they keep score? ¬†Winning is important and setting up a scoreboard for people to measure themselves and compete with others works. ¬†Offering incentives on a weekly or monthly basis [weekly seems to work better], for new reps and group that grows the most percentage-wise and having the results on a website ….is a compelling. ¬†Successful people tend to be competitive, recognition driven and team orientated.

Seeing their name and picture up there is a big thing.  Not seeing it up there is also a big thing.  It brings out the best in people.  Make it fun.

3. Translate Goals Into Specific Actions

The biggest mistake I see people make….year in and year out…..is NOT connecting what someone wants to what they have to do to get it. ¬†There is no industry on the planet where what to do, specifically, is so clear.

We don’t need multi-tasking skills….people do not need to be magicians to build a big business. ¬†They just have to do 1 thing over and over. ¬†Simple.

Link talking to prospects to what they want and make sure you help them take inventory every week.


Simple. ¬†How many hours did you work last week?…..how many hours contacting prospects?

Keep this at 80+% and help them make sure that they are making 15 calls per hour….a nice pace for anyone. ¬†I aim for 20+ but 15 is a great number.

Breakdown what they need to do weekly into daily tasks.

4. Hold Each Other Accountable – All The Time

Accountability sessions are the only way to bind together the first 3 points.

They key here is understanding you have to be doing what you are asking them to do.

This, again the elegance of our industry, is so easy….no big committee meetings or any of that time-consuming stuff.

This can be done with a simple 60 second laser call where both people say what they are going to do and why and verify what they said they were going to do yesterday.

Might sound like this: “I am making 25 dials today to help get my husband off the road. ¬†Yesterday I said I would make 25 calls and I did, got 4 great prospects” ¬†The partner then does the same thing.

These 4 tiny steps turn Covey’s 8th Habit, finding our voice into a living force that duplicates.

It was these 4 actions that ended up being the bridge between a great idea and results.


mark januszewski

worlds laziest networker



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Do They Trust You? The 8 Competence Behaviors That Build Trust


We’ve established…or at least Covey has, and my experience bears this out……that accelerating trust cuts cost and increases production.

When people trust us they take our suggestions, directions…..they buy from us because they buy us.

In yesterday’s blog we covered 5 of the 13 behaviors in ‘relationship trust’, those pertaining to character.


  1. Deliver Results. Define what you are going to do and do it.  Be specific about the numbers and the dates and deliver what you defined.
  2. Get Better I am still stunned, after 20+ years, that people do not practice…..work on their skills…….once people see you commit to and keep a diet, get better at presentations via practice, improve yourself, confidence in you being trustworthy soars. ¬† Trusting your professionalism shows competence and they’ll believe in you so they will believe in your coaching.
  3. Confront Reality When there is a problem, get on it and don’t minimize or whitewash it. ¬†Nothing will hurt trust faster than ignoring problems. Take these tough issues head on…..it inspires trust. ¬†Cool head? ¬†Yes. ¬†But get after problems, don’t tell stories about how tough you had it and what you had to put up with ….like they are foolish and should toughen up.
  4. Clarify Expectations Get agreement upfront about the shared vision. ¬†Never assume that the expectations on both parties is clear, make it so. ¬† Let’s make a couple hundred calls….could mean….let’s both make a couple hundred calls…..let’s make a couple hundred calls total…..etc……Should be…..let’s make a couple hundred calls between us John. ¬†I’ll make 110, how many are you going to make? ¬†110. ¬†Great….I will have mine done by Thursday…..when will yours be completed? ¬†Once this is stated…..repeat and get agreement. ¬†Now there is clarity between you and John, there’s agreement around specific expectations.
  5. Practice Accountability Leaders generate far more trust when accountability is a 2 way street. ¬†Using the example I just gave…..don’t ask John how he is doing….suggest, before the calling starts…..”let’s check in with each other daily and tell each other what we did yesterday.” ¬†When you get John on the phone, tell him what you did. ¬†When he sees your willingness to be held accountable, trust accelerates.


The last 3 behaviors are a combination of competence and character.

  1. Listen First There is a significant difference between waiting for your turn to talk while thinking of what you are going to say while the other person is talking and actually listening. ¬†Listen and ask, “May I paraphrase what I think you are saying to make certain I understand?” ¬†Big points in the trust department but bigger points because it halts a knee-jerk reaction and you’ll learn….learning always equals earning in business. Don’t assume that what they are feeling is the same as others who ‘begin’ the same way…..so paraphrase what they said….and ask….”Is that what you mean?” ……with very little practice you become a listener and you’ll hear more and more often….’Yes, that is exactly what I mean’……now push yourself over the top by asking…..’is there anything else you can tell me about it or any other concerns you have?’
  2. Keep Commitments Counterfeit is vague…….like, Friday lunch sounds good but let me get back to you……breaking commitments is really bad. ¬†Even if it is a non-profitable thing you’ve committed to and something profitable shows up….keep the commitment… this rare competence-character trait will seperate you from the pack because it’s so rare. You’ll shine. ¬†It will also teach us something important…..think before committing in the future. ¬†Keeping all commitments is symbolic of honor and how would being correctly perceived as a person of honor by your teammates you are coaching, the company you represent and prospects affect¬†attaining your desire? ¬† Family/friendship commitments are usually deemed a little more flexible, don’t fall¬†for this trap.
  3. Extend Trust People make mistakes, you, me ….everyone. ¬†Embrace it when a teammate makes a mistake, chat with the person privately then give them something that requires an even greater degree of trust. ¬†One night a rising star in our group named Peter gave the big part of the presentation……and he messed it up….hotel meeting….100 people there. ¬†We talked about it and he confessed while he had seen it dozens of times he did not practice…it showed. ¬†We had a big Saturday Seminar coming up and I gave him the key spot ……extended trust in his ability……went to his home on Thursday and ASKED…..did not demand….if he wanted to do the 1 hour bit and have me critique it……he pulled out a cassette tape….he was already 1 step ahead. ¬†What happened? ¬†He nailed it and went on to be the best rep I had ever worked with….built a huge organization. ¬†What happened? ¬†By extending trust in Peter’s ability ¬†after he made an error, Peter lived up to the trust we extended and surpassed it. ¬†He was able to believe [trust] it was not him but his performance that needed work.

A lot of material to get over 4 days but I trust ūüôā I have given you something to think about.

Tieing this altogether for those of you building teams you can click here and grab a MP3 version with lots of examples of all 13 behaviors for free, of course.

Getting Covey’s book, The Speed of Trust, is something you may want to consider…..it exploded our business because while we knew what to do and how to teach it, we discovered ways to increase trust. ¬†That led to trusting teammates, lower cost and better production.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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6 P’s You Must Avoid To Foster Harmony & Sunday’s Thoughts While Shaving


There’s an old saying that a company isn’t going any further than the management team can take it. ¬†Most people never realize the same is true about their organization.

I know you probably have a management book or two you like and writings from gurus that tell you how to manage your team. ¬†And you’re probably fond of that particular guru. ¬†That being said I want to share an idea with you that shifted my style dramatically and catapulted our business beyond our imagination.

99% or more of management books are not worth the paper they are printed on for those of us in home-based-businesses.  Stay with me here.


The folks on your team are volunteers, they choose to be in business for themselves and they choose to be on your team but they can walk away at any time. ¬†These folks, like myself and you, probably have a full time job and are trying to squeeze 10 to 20 hours a week to build this business. ¬†What’s important is to remember they are being managed where they work and they probably joined because they don’t like being managed.

“We manage things, we work with people.” Coach Wooden

This statement radically altered our destiny.  We decided to focus on helping people formulate goals, schedule time to put into the business, learn the skills they needed to succeed.   We simply choose not to manage them and it paid huge dividends because it felt very different to them.


The folks in the traditional workplace carry traditional habits and reactions to stress. ¬†To get duplication you need trust and to get trust you need harmony. ¬†When we coupled the idea of helping people manage things instead of trying to manage them and a list of 6 P’s it was magic. ¬†Harmony became the handmaiden to a community that exceeded our expectations of what a team could accomplish working together.

Everybody has all kinds of slogans about how good things can be if people work together as a team but these 2 factors, eliminating the 6 P’s and managing things created a team that personafied those slogans.


1. ¬†Political – Keep politics out of the mix. ¬†We’re not talking about democrat vs republican here. ¬†It’s the silly stuff like who’s going to give the presentation, who’s gonna close the meeting etc that can foster the same type of office politics they are used to, it’s just a bad habit. ¬†Don’t allow it to happen. ¬† How? ¬†Simply refuse to engage in gossip and if there is a disagreement between a couple of reps discuss it only when both are present.

2.  Procrastination РPeople are used to management dragging their feet on everything from fixing the copy machine to getting a coffee machine.  Underpromise and Overdeliver.

3. ¬†Pets – We all have our favorites but don’t show favoritism.

4. ¬†Pretending – Don’t make promises or commitments you don’t plan to keep and keep all the promises and commitments you make. ¬†A good way to give yourself a buffer zone is add mentally 20% to the amount of time you think it will take to deliver. ¬†Things occasionally go wrong, we all know Murphy’s Law is just a strong in the home-based-business as any other.

5. ¬†Pessimism – People join our business because they don’t have the time or money to do the things that they want and enrolling is an optomistic action. ¬†Never forget they hear negatives where they work so always be positive and make positive statements. ¬†There are challenges to be sure in our industry but be solution orientated and encourage people constantly.

6. ¬†Pettiness – Another hallmark in most offices, keep it out of your group. ¬†Take the high road by refusing to engage in petty conversations. ¬†Let them vent and say, “Hey, let’s call some new prospects and get you a few new reps this week. ¬†You’re great at this business and I see a giant and a leader within you.”

If you work with people, help them manage “things” and eliminate the 6 P’s you won’t need slogans or posters to sell the idea of team to your people because they’ll become the poster group of your company.



The echo effect of manifesting a dream is bigger than the dream. ¬†I am just floored….and smiling.

Daughter Chelsea moving here in the next couple of months.  Amazing visit about 6 weeks ago.

What made it great?

Chelsea is a strong person with a confident personality …..and, as a result clashed with my Mom from time to time.

The bond those 2 formed in 10 days brought tears to my eyes more than once. ¬† Mom is really starting to struggle, blind, balance problems, hearing problems……and Chels wants to come over and take care of her daily.

Mom’s excited, Chels has traveled Europe, done college and it all came down to this….family and a dream.

I had no idea the impact of manifesting the dream to live in Kauai would lead to the spectacular prevlidge of living in a multi-generational home.

Family, together…..inspired to reach…….don’t back off your own personal Kauai…… go for it.


Got a friend in NH. ¬†Henry. Blowing the doors of his networking deal……just moved into a new house, pool, 5 kids…tearing it up.

Asked him what the difference was……told me if an overweight, out-of-shape 61 year old like me can do P90X workouts 6 days a week, he can get on the phone when doesn’t feel like it.

DRAT!! Just about the time I had myself convinced that I need something easier.

You just can’t quit when people tell you what you are doing got them going.

So, between Henry and good friend Doug Karnuth who completed P90X twice…..I gotta keep pushing…..just like a networking deal, eh?


1. Red Sox out of it but in NY this week hammering the Yankees. ¬†Pros don’t quit. 2. Don’t people get it? ¬†The bills passed in Congress and money doled out has created what is known as ‘reverse millionaires….meaning my grand kids are taking on over a million in debt to the government….EACH…..they are 11,8 & 6. ¬†Why would anyone with a brain cell not be in networking? ¬†geez…..3. Do people really believe the clowns selling generic systems to get leads? ¬†4. How long will MLMs selling health products fail to tell the reps congress is trying to knock them all out [3x bills have reached the floor to make ALL supplements prescription only] …..to unify reps about this issue and a free software let’s you find your rep with 2 clicks and send him/her an email……is the smart move. ¬†Imagine all the health & nutrition reps, nation wide emailing? ¬†What power. ¬† Work with each other guys, and, please start treating reps like adults. 4. ‘Nice guys finish last’ is a lie. 5. ¬†Someday is just another way to say never.


I’ve been very lucky, considering what I look like and what I do. James Gandolfini [Tony Soprano]

Ain’t it cool that by learning a couple simple skills we don’t have to be lucky¬†to make gang-stah money?

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. Franz Kafka

The Greeks did not give speeches when someone died…..they simpy asked, “Did he have passion.”

In my 20 years of networking…….in the end, after all the revolutionary products, amazing payplans…..conventions…..whatever……the winners critical difference is passion.

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star. Nietzche

I wonder how many people realize they could not appreciate greatness if it was not already within them…..hmmmm.

The belief your make it big and the self-doubt 10 minutes later…..family telling you it will not work…etc….is the chaos Nietzche is talking about. ¬†Embrace it, it’s fantastic.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds. President Sam Adams

Networking is a revolution to those in traditional business……keep lighting fires.

I spent twelve years training for a career that was over in a week. Joe Namath spent one week training for a career that lasted twelve years. Bruce Jenner, Gold Medalist.

How cool is what we do?

We do something right and get paid for the rest of our lives….the key here is Jenner and Namath did the work.


mark januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker


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7 Factors to Increase Your Luck


We’ve consistently written in this blog that LUCK is created if we Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

Are there characteristics that leaders have in common, or people for that matter, who seem to have an inordinate amount of good Luck?


You know how some people seem to get one break after another? ¬†In turns out that there are 7 Characteristics that these people display….. sort of a break down of what Labor Under Correct Knowledge means.


People who seem to catch one break after another know what they want to accomplish and they can give you vivid details of what the end result is going to be.

If you can’t close your eyes right this second and see what it is that you want down to the most minute detail then you don’t have a crystal clear objective and lady luck is not your companion.


The Greeks asked one simple question when some dies.  They did not do eulogies.

What was that question?

Did he have passion?

We’ve talked several times about the “Think and Grow Rich” material and building a burning desire. ¬†But here is an easy way to tell if you have one.

Does everyone you know know what you want?

If you have a burning desire, real passion, about your objective everyone you know understands what it is, and so does Lady Luck.


Lady Luck has a built-in bullshit detector.

You can spout all the quotes about attitude you want….. she knows and she just won’t date people that don’t believe.


You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket. ¬†Sounds kind of obvious….. but if you’re not putting yourself in the transaction spot, being proactive about generating transactions then you’re really the same guy or gal who wants to win the lottery without buying a ticket.

Gamblers call people who want to win money but not place a bet a “piker”.

Lady Luck don’t date no “pikers”.

So what’s proactive plus?

My sources tell me that Lady Luck hangs out at the extra mile.


I know I have been on the bully pulpit about this more that once but I am still flabbergasted that people won’t practice.

If we are going to make some money we need to talk to people and learning what to say and what to do requires some skill.

Lady Luck is attracted to people who are competent, confident and capable.

Do you practice?

She’ll know instantly and smile on you or dump on you.

All kidding aside one of the reasons that some people seem to be lucky is there prepared thru perfect practice, not winging it when opportunity presents itself.


The godfather of all self help, Earl Nightingale, said it superbly: If you are not prepared for your opportunity when it comes the opportunity will only make you look silly.


Sports Psychologist Rob Gilbert has preached for years, “With risk comes reward.” ¬†The difference between getting lucky and not having anything but bad luck seems to be incredibly linked to the phenomenon I like to call “the moment’.

“The moment”, is when you get an idea and you either hesitate on it and don’t take action or you take the risk by taking action right away.

It can be a simple as being in the grocery store, standing in the check out line, and the gal next to you starts complaining about how expensive groceries have become.  That moment, right there, is what I am talking about.

Do you get in your car and say to yourself, “I should have said something…..”

..or rationalize your inaction with statements like …….”she probably wouldn’t have been interested…. etc. ?

This means that the idea, the moment, was right there…. people who get lucky don’t hesitate…..¬†people who don’t get lucky hesitate and rationalize.

Lady Luck is waiting for you on the extra mile…she loves people who are well-practiced, skilled and have a clear idea where they are going.


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker


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What Personality Type Are You? Sunday’s Thoughts While Shaving

[Addition: Sunday Night Webcast was over capacity……we were blown away – core of what we shared in a recording and a work book, both links below]

We’ve expanded the seating capacity to hold 500 more for Monday Night’s webcast [register here]

Anyway…..here’s Sunday’s Thoughts While Shaving


Personality typing is not new.

I first learned about it when I got my first promotion back in 1972.

Working with Combined Insurance I was being groomed for management and they let me into the ‘inner circle.’

I was told that the company spends a lot of money developing and training the reps and I needed to know what questions to ask so if the application and little aptitude test they filled out was authentic…..so we’d only hire people who had a chance.

The 4 types were Amiable-Analytical-Dreamer-Driver

Next company, Britannica, used same type of test only the 4 types were Talker-Controller-Doer-Pacer.

Same stuff.

Your job as a manager was to hire the right ones [type] and learn how that type liked AND did not like to be coached.

I wish I’d paid more attention. ¬†Wouldn’t have suffered in the 1980’s so much with MLM.


I’ve seen similar types of profiles explained as animals and part of nature…..all pretty much the same.

There is a problem with animals like Loin and Dog ….. and terms like Controller or Driver…..when ‘typing people…..those words create an instant prejudice or feeling in the mind of people you are teaching it to.

Why is that important?

Well, quite simply, it can skew our assessment.

How important it that?

It is everything.

A few years back Jerry ‘Rhino’ Clark, broke the personalities into 4 types….and, then Tom “Big AL” Schreiter ran with this ‘color’ training….and the keys to the vault were found.

I mean, colors don’t trigger thoughts and feelings…..so we can be less influenced by our own experience and focus on discovering their type …..and, again…..that is EVERYTHING.


Why everything?

If communication is not our top priority, all our other priorities are at risk.

Once you know a ‘type’ you can pick words and phrases, along with your message that each type responds positively to.

In recruiting the initial benefit is obvious…..with just a few words, the correct words for that type, the prospect is ready to buy and ready to join.

Ready to ‘buy’ your next suggestion and ready to ‘join’ you with an open mind in reviewing your offer.

But that’s not the real benefit…..getting virtually everyone to say ‘yes’ is great but the bigger benefit is you can be honest……and this changes everything.

People who stick and are productive want honesty, they are attracted to it.

Listening skills being taught today are about pseudo conversations, how to ask questions so you can eventually use the information to bring up your opportunity…..to use the prospects words against them….to pretend to be interested in them so they will think you are nice…..in other words, the gurus are teaching folks to ‘cloak’ their agenda and manipulate the conversation so they think your interested in them as a person.

Trust me on this….if people are too dumb to see what you’ve been doing all along in the conversation and you sponsor them, they just won’t have what it takes to build a big business.

And if you believe the ‘listening’ techniques you are using are sincere, that we are asking questions because we ‘really care’ and not being manipulative, then that means we should have made friends with a few folks who did not join…right?

Can you imagine knowing in seconds the core type of personality of a prospect and not have to fake being interested…..being able to be totally upfront about what you want them to look at and they instantly agree….?

How would you feel about yourself if you could be direct and knew 90+% would say, “Sure, love to see what you have?”

Once we step into this level, everything changes…..we feel better about ourselves, fear and nerves vanish and it’s fun.

People want to join us if we are having fun and making money….and feel really good about how we do it….agreed?….yes?


Everybody knows the real work begins after we sponsor a rep……sponsoring people is easy once you know how.

When we are new, we don’t think so but after we learn a couple of simple skills, like personality-typing and know which words, phrase and thoughts get affirmative response we quickly learn that the real work takes place after they enroll.

Has this ever happened to you?

You give 2 reps the same task….tell them in the same way.

One does it.  The other does not.


Your words were the same but they meant different things to each of them.

What if you knew what to say to both of them….how to communicate with both types…..your production just doubled?


Imagine folks in your organization along with yourself know what to say to invite, motivate and teach…..effectively because you all understood the do’s and do not’s with each type of personality.

Duplication does not break down…..communication does.


I am sitting in Seekonk, MA listen to Big Al lay out the colors.

I am stunned and regretting not paying more attention to the corporate training I had on this.

2 hour ride home…wondering if I can find all that stuff…freaked out because I knew there was a formula in the material to be able to have a much higher degree of accuracy.

Fortunately, my bride, The Fabulous Davene, is a ‘yellow’…..loves helping others and outstanding with organization.

She’s got my stuff….and I combined the color typing with these corporate insights to create a hybrid chart so anyone can instantly identify a person’s type……..well you need two TINY pieces of information…..

While most people are happy with 50% accuracy….there is a simple chart we created to help you be accurate 80% of the time the first week and 90+% from there on.

We did a one-time webcast on this Sunday, August 29th.

Feel bad you missed it?



The cheat-sheets are part of a workbook we created.

The Fabulous Davene has posted both of them for you….you’ll find the cheat sheets at the end of the short workbook.

But, you need the CD that goes with it …..A few years back we recorded a CD series, Taking the Work Out of Networking. ¬†On the first CD we covered the colors…..in a lot more detail than we did on the webcast.

No worries…..they are both available to you free, no strings.

You can get them right after you finish reading my great stuff ūüôā

Don’t forget to share this with your groups and anyone you think may benefit.


CD Recording


What is it about networker’s and piling things on a full plate?

Are we all obsessive or is it just me?

P90X is going ……hard…..right now. ¬†1 month down…..and I am looking at 90 days to get in shape enough to do it perfectly ……so I am on a 6 month plan.

90 to get ready…..then 90 again.

Of course I am sore….and getting ready to launch into the 26 week Master Key Course [make sure your on our email list if you are looking for a scholarship, news coming next week sometime]…..my dog is getting shipped to Kauai, we are moving 2 doors down and my daughter, who was just visiting decided instead of waiting till March of 2011…she is moving in with us in November.

I need to be in shape for all this stuff and special thanks to my friend Doug Karnuth who has done it and encouraged me…..it’s nice to have friends who help you along the way………just like MLM.


1. Do people who complain about money really believe they don’t have the time to do networking? 2. If we don’t have the time to do it right, when will we have the time to do it over? (think about that for a minute, yikes)¬† 3. ¬†Is every tweet either about what someone is doing that no one in the world cares about or pitching something? ¬†Geez….4. Red Sox play Tampa 6 times in 12 days….everything is on the line for the entire season…..sure glad networking is more forgiving and patient with me. ¬†5. Pete Rose, all-time hit leader still not in the Hall of Fame…..but drug users and cheaters cashing checks for 10-20 million a year and being cheered. ¬†And they think we’re nuts for doing ‘one of those pyramid things?”


1. A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.   Albert Einstein

Luck is tied to risk. ¬†Risk is about saying yes to the universe ……and express to the universe that you believe. ¬† Percentage players die broke. ¬†The only thing that is important about mistakes is that we learn from them…….but Albert’s right…..if we aren’t making mistakes and learning we are not growing, if we’re not growing we‚Äôre dead.

2. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. Yup, Albert.

We say we want to help other’s grow, learn and succeed. ¬†But do we know their goals? ¬†Have them? ¬†Read them? ¬†Daily?

While puffing ourselves in the virtue of helping others…….maybe we should look at the evidence.

If we don’t know them and their goals we can claim we are trying to help others but in reality we are just trying to get them to build for us…..is that a life worthwhile?

3. Perfection of means and confusion of ends seem to characterize our age…Albert, again…..pretty smart guy, eh

Twitter, Face-book, systems, pay plans…..CDs, video, websites…..YIKES….people know that stuff better than their dreams.

4. If life were fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead. Johnny Carson

I miss Carson.

Networking does not always seem fair……but in the end…..the ones who dedicate themselves to a company and helping others….seem to balance out the frustration and bad breaks with a life second to none. ¬†Networking is the fairest thing I have ever seen.

5. ¬†If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special. Jimmy Vovlano

It’s the experience, the adventure…..the fact we are in the game…..not the results. ¬†Man, what a ride …..embrace it

Jimmy V …..thanks for setting up the cancer foundation while you were dying instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself…..you are missed.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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7 Mistakes Sponsors Make


Everybody makes mistakes, it is part of the human experience.

There is a significant difference between making mistakes and repeating them.

What leaders are really good at …..and I mean really, really good at is recognizing a mistake and learning from it.

They tend to embrace them because they know if they make a correction it won’t happen again and they’ll make more money.

One of the great things about networking is that leaders will share what they know so others don’t have to make it.


The old saying ‘history repeats itself’ is a massive lie.

History does not repeat itself, people do.

We simply cannot lead if we do not recognize in every fiber of our being that the real work begins AFTER we sponsor someone.

The sites that promise ways to sponsor 20, 30 40 or more people a month should be a big tip-off that they simply do not understand the business and are appealing to us to not look at our mistakes.

Helping people takes time and skill. ¬†Our career turned once we learned and applied the 3-Deep Pattern……our personal sponsoring went down to a couple of people a month and our income went up dramatically.

Once we discovered the 7 Mistakes sponsors make and realized by changing our behavior, the behavior of the new reps would change.


While the other 6 can be debated for order, this is #1.

Coach Wooden taught, “We manage things, we work with people.”


Tossed every management book and article I ever had…..and everything changed over night.

Help them work through the check-list you or your company has and stay on point.  Do it with them so they can see how to do it the right way.

Then do it with them and their new reps so they can see it again, [duplication], and repeat one more level down.


It simply does not work.

20 reps we looked back on we had told to build a list and sent them the normal tickler lists etc., just did not do it.

We made this mistake over and over.

My wife and/or I sit with folks who don’t come with a list in hand and help them build it. ¬†On average we will put together 125-200 names. ¬†Every time.

NEVER teach list building without building a list.  You may not realize it but what you are teaching this is how to tell others to build a list instead of building it.

Off that original list you’ll help them easily sponsor 10-30 people and that will create a new set of lists totalling 1250 – 2000.

Build the list with them.

Tell them to build a list and that is exactly what they will duplicate.

Build a list with them and that is exactly what they will duplicate.

When you can turn 337 names into 10,000 plus reps [we did] you’ll be loved by your people who ‘get it’ and never have to buy leads.


Your leaders will do what you do, not what you say.

If you stop sponsoring and start managing…..they will too.

Now the best 4-6 people on your team are not doing what they do best.

Never let your personal recruiting time fall below 25% of your total time in the business weekly.


Huge Time Vampire.

When work is supposed to be done and is not new reps start telling stories and because the feel bad they engage you for 30 minutes to an hour….when you could have been recruiting.

When you get rep on the phone who hasn’t completed what they promised, don’t scold or acknowledge the excuse.

Use these words exactly..”What is the status of it now and when do you think you’ll have it completed?”

Let them tell you, excuse yourself and start calling your prospects.


Networking never happens fast enough once we are committed……but it can lead to a big mistake. ¬†Especially if you are ‘full-time’ and want to hit the next pin/income level by a certain date.

We can lose sight of how it was when we got started…..it takes time for new folks to get into a rhythm and sometimes, OK a lot of the time, we can try to push folks at the pace we want them to go at instead of what they are comfortable doing.

Check your motives and agenda at the door when working with new folks and focus on theirs.


We all press new rep for a goal statement, a ‘why’ …something….

We get it and never mention it again.

BIG, BIG, BIG mistake.

They will take your coaching if they trust you and reading the goals of new reps and their new reps …..then reminding them of those goals, sending things in the mail about their goals…..will dramatically increase their trust in you. ¬†We all play better for coaches we trust.

Once they discover you are also interested in the goals of their people, trust goes off the charts.

And, you know what? ¬†If we don’t know their goal and their people’s goals, we are lousy sponsors……we brought them in believing we would help them get what they want…..don’t you think not knowing what it is and commenting on it, supporting it …..is a requirement?

No matter…..they sure do.


I just cringe when I think about my early behavoir……telling new reps to ‘talk to everyone’ without teaching them what to say so they don’t get slaughtered.

This mistake could be #1….

If we are going to make some money we need to learn some skills….and teaching them what to say……is a skill……really, the #1 skill.


I survived all those mistakes.  Wooden taught that coaching is about correction, not punishment.

The big shift came when I stopped looking at non producing distributors as ‘not being right for the business’ and started looking at where I could improve.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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