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4 Things We Must Do To Activate Covey’s 8th Habit and Grow


The idea behind Covey’s 8th Habit is finding our voice…….We’ve covered the bases about how to discover it, how to use it to create influence and how to declare intention…….but to use our voice to activate our teams and get duplication is the bottom line.

There are just 4 little things we need to do to make that happen and it will drive your team into the sweet spot of duplication than anything I have discovered in 20 years.

These are 4 easy to manage disciplines for people who have found their voice.

These disciplines, along with some simple skills,  vastly improve the teams ability to focus, express power and execute the top priority, recruiting.

1. Focus on the Wildly Important.

It is the nature of people to focus on one thing at a time….and…..that is not always the one thing that will drive a business, talking to people.   The more goals we set of the team, the less likely they will be achieved.  get everyone on the same page, same goal……and the probability of that one thing getting accomplished goes up dramatically.  In networking, people tend to want to do other things …..instead of contacting prospects…..which is where the money really is.

Teach and preach this mantra….”The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing….because it it the main thing.”  The main thing is contact prospects and invite them to review information.

The main thing is the wildly important thing.  Focus on this one thing and keep your team focus on recruiting and don’t dilute it with other choices.

2. Create a Compelling Scoreboard

Athletes play differently in a game than in practice, they kick it up a notch.   If winning was not important, why would they keep score?  Winning is important and setting up a scoreboard for people to measure themselves and compete with others works.  Offering incentives on a weekly or monthly basis [weekly seems to work better], for new reps and group that grows the most percentage-wise and having the results on a website ….is a compelling.  Successful people tend to be competitive, recognition driven and team orientated.

Seeing their name and picture up there is a big thing.  Not seeing it up there is also a big thing.  It brings out the best in people.  Make it fun.

3. Translate Goals Into Specific Actions

The biggest mistake I see people make….year in and year out… NOT connecting what someone wants to what they have to do to get it.  There is no industry on the planet where what to do, specifically, is so clear.

We don’t need multi-tasking skills….people do not need to be magicians to build a big business.  They just have to do 1 thing over and over.  Simple.

Link talking to prospects to what they want and make sure you help them take inventory every week.


Simple.  How many hours did you work last week?… many hours contacting prospects?

Keep this at 80+% and help them make sure that they are making 15 calls per hour….a nice pace for anyone.  I aim for 20+ but 15 is a great number.

Breakdown what they need to do weekly into daily tasks.

4. Hold Each Other Accountable – All The Time

Accountability sessions are the only way to bind together the first 3 points.

They key here is understanding you have to be doing what you are asking them to do.

This, again the elegance of our industry, is so easy….no big committee meetings or any of that time-consuming stuff.

This can be done with a simple 60 second laser call where both people say what they are going to do and why and verify what they said they were going to do yesterday.

Might sound like this: “I am making 25 dials today to help get my husband off the road.  Yesterday I said I would make 25 calls and I did, got 4 great prospects”  The partner then does the same thing.

These 4 tiny steps turn Covey’s 8th Habit, finding our voice into a living force that duplicates.

It was these 4 actions that ended up being the bridge between a great idea and results.


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Talent is Not Enough, It’s Got to be Activated ~ 5 Things to Activate Talent


We’ve been looking at Dr. Maxwell’s classic book, Talent is Never Enough, the last 2 days.

Building a large organization is more about extracting talent than finding it we have discovered.  Maxwell’s book brought us from frustration to prosperity because I got away from the ‘talent hunt’ and ‘looking for whales’ to getting more out of myself and others.

We’ve covered the 3 things you must buy into to succeed and discussed passion and how it energizes us.

So we’ve bought into believing in ourself, our potential and our mission and we’ve found something we have passion about.  For myself and The Fabulous Davene it is helping at least one person or couple be home with the kids…..stress free……we do it every year.

So all that is in place.  And we get the concept that networking is just talking to people and every knows everybody does that everyday.

Will we begin?


My Dad died in Korea when I was 3….I was raised by 2 wonderful uncles…..who always said, over and over and over… can’t get started until you get started.

It was a great comfort to read that talent-plus people, [people who take their talent to the next level and more importantly in networking, draw the talent out of others], need to understand initiative.

Maxwell breaks it down to 5 things and do they ever hit the bulls-eye for netowrkers….and I’ve added one of my own.

1. Initiative is the first step to anywhere we want to go. Let’s face it, it’s not where we start but whether we start.   Networkers are famous for planning and projecting and never getting started.  Initiative activates our talent and is really the match that lights the fuse to our explosive passion.

2. Initiative closes the door to fear. Everyone feels nervous or scared when getting started….in our business and in the daily tasks that will drive the business. Action, taking that first step is courageous.  It would be nice if we could get courage and do the thing we ear….but is is just the opposite….if we do the thing we fear, we get courage.  Go figure.  Once we start….it’s 7:00 PM and we want to make calls to prospects…..gulp….but as soon as we make the first call…..fear vanishes and each one gets easier.

3. Initiative opens the door to opportunity. I was at a Regional Convention and the key speaker took very ill right after lunch.  They needed someone to fill his 2 hour spot, the keynote address and said I would like give it a shot.  I liked speaking but was a big, big practice guy and had no material with me, no presentation…nothing.  I said ‘yes’ while my head was saying no.  It went well and all the district coordinators were there.  Within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the event I had 11 bookings at $2000 bucks each.  I was lucky…..because I took initiative.

4. Initiative eases life’s difficulties. Most people’s problems are not that life has problems, setbacks and dissapointments…….it is their reaction to them.  Pity pot, confusion, sad….no matter, pick your poison……When the reaction is from the point of view that ‘every adversity has the seed for greater achievement’ that person takes action.  And it always gets better.  No initiative when things go sour always worsens the conditions.

5. Initiative is the difference between success and failure. Most people wait for someone to tell them what to do….and then they wait for others to tell them to actually do it.  The difference between success and failure is something we discovered years ago and I never miss a chance to shout it from the roof tops….Successful people simply do the things unsuccessful people make a conscious decision not to do.  The winners exhibit initiative on the key tasks consistently.

6. Initiative stops us from making the perfect the enemy of the good. I think Maxwell missed one here.  To many people, prospects and distributors alike simply want things to be perfect to start.   This is something all of us see over and over and over.  If you’re supposed to make calls with a rep and he bags out on you… had the time scheduled anyway… it’s not perfect,  your plan got ditched by someone else.  The 3 best reps I have ever had all came in on nights I was blown off by a prospect or distributor.  Initiative.

Got initiative?

If we spent as much time calling people as we spend talking about calling people, we’d all be up another income level, or two.



The Master Key Mastermind Alliance is exceeding the most optimistic expectations one could ever hold, even in their wildest imagination.   The course is designed to do something most self-help guru’s shudder at the thought of……the only guru we need is the one within……Ut-oh….there go CD and seminar sales down the toilet.

As usual, the gratitude of the class is bass-ackwards…..we’ve learned more for the members is 5 weeks than we’ve learned in the last 6 months.

What an amazing group of like-minded adults like Success Coach Kathy Zimmer who want the truth and have already figured out it lies within them……..not in a stadium where some clown is peddling rehashed material and claiming it as her/his own.

What really pisses me off about the proliferation of these bozos is that they spend more than 50% of their time up selling these absurd 3000 and 8000 dollar weekends.

No thanks…..I already know how to do the tricks with the hot coals and the breaking board…….Geez…..

P90X Update

In week 8, down over 20 lbs.  Just like network marketing.  I keep showing up, working hard and getting better.  Go figure.

Where did all these microwave mentality folks come from?

Has the inter-webby thing done more brain damage than I had originally thought?

What has happened with P90X in this time is a result of 1 hour a day …..focused and following directions.  I am not surfing the web for shortcuts… hour a day seems like a pretty small price for true health……and hour a day of contacting prospects for true wealth, trust me, is easier.


Are people that naive?

I talk to 15-20 people a week that have spent a few thousand online…..may in one shot ….maybe in several 200-400 deals.

I ask what they looked at to see where they spent their money……….I have looked at over 50 the last 2 weeks…..

All, and I mean all…..the same bullshit.



Emotional appeal about money [bait]….then the hook…..telling them they struggled too…..and how bad it was…..


The pitchman’s story about how bad it was always includes ‘rejection’ by people they know…….this is the persuation…..get them to identify with the suffering …..the rejection…..the ‘I didn’t know what to do…… wits and…..and … is comes……


and…..”I did not know how to sell”…… “I don’t like to sell”…”I’ve never sold anything in my life’ ….blah, blah, blah…..

It worked for me, it will work for you……here are some checks I made and some other checks other people made……

I look at this crap and I wonder who is committing the bigger crime…..the hook-path-persuasion boys or the people who who want to be lied to.  As Obi Wan Kanobe said, “Who is the fool? The fool who follows the fool?’

Clearly, anyone over the age of 18 should understand the hook-path-persuation con.


1. e-lationships. Do people really believe they have a relationship based on email, texting, skyping etc>?  Good grief. 2. If you are talking to someone and don’t know the color of their eyes, you are not listening and you are surely not connecting. 3. Bet the networks are pissed Texas and San Francisco are in the World Series….they wanted Philly and NY.  4. Serving flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, water and chocolate and calling it a cake is like diversity without unity.  Nothing. 5. Authentic reputations are built at the bottom, not the top.


1. What we need is more people wo specialize in the impossible. Theodore Roethke

I learned a long time ago that when you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.  Successful networkers believe it before they see it…..most people need to see it before they believe it.

2. Don’t try to become a man of success.  Instead become a man of value. Einstein.

Careful.  It’s not about the money and working for money creates insecurity and worry.  Principles endure and create an authentic sense of security.  That is what people want and that is what they ultimately follow.

3. Our choices determine our character and our character determines our choices. George Eliot

We don’t build a group and get ‘good’ and start giving to charity etc…….do the good things now, right now.

4. Empowerment isn’t magic. It consists of a few simple steps and a lot of persistence. Ken Blanchard.

Calling up a rep and telling them ‘you done good’ is not empowering.  Compliment?  Yes.  Empowering no.  Giving someone a task, like doing a webcast or hotel meeting who has never done it before …..the practicing with them….and coaching them afterwards……then practicing with them again is empowerment.  The folly of a kind word or two being empowerment does more damage than we can imagine.   We gotta give something of greater responsibility then work our asses off to help them succeed with this task.

5. There’s nothing more boring than actors talking about acting. James Cann

Yes Jim there is something far more boring than actors talking about acting.  Networkers telling the ‘he said then I said‘  blow-by-blow reenactments of people who said ‘no’ and how brilliant they were…..forgetting, of course the prospect did not come in.


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Want Influence? Without These 6 Sources You’ll Never Get It.


Patterson, Grenny, David Maxfield, MacMillin and Al Switzler conducted an enormous study that lead me to their book, “Influencer.”  In our businesses we all want to have influence with customers, prospects and our reps or affiliates but unless we understand how to influence people effectively …….continuous frustration is a daily state of mind.

Our ineffectiveness at influencing others, and here comes the good news, is not a character flaw or lack of passion or motivation.  The solution to the challenges we all face with our business lies in learning ~  not talent.

We can all become extremely influential and we can do it without being intrusive or pushy.


It may seem obvious but influential wizards don’t focus on results.  Instead they focus on behaviors.  You have to decide what you are trying to change before you can influence change.  Don’t confuse outcomes with behaviors because you may influence a behavioral change and not see instant results.  This creates confusion in the people you are trying to influence.  This 50 year+ study states without behavioral focus people will not choose to change their behaviors.

Example: John is not enrolling new reps.  If we focus on John’s numbers and tell him he needs to make more calls we are confusing behavior and results in John’s mind.  What we need to do is focus on John’s behavior, making calls consistently in a systematized way or even better yet with you.  Help him improve the behavior which will eventually improve the results.

OK, you understand the mechanism and here’s how to bring it to the next level.

Source 1 – Personal Motivation.  Work to connect  the vital behavior that will drive your business to intrinsic motives.  Example: By knowing John’s goal to put his daughter through college, connect the behavior of dialing the phone to John’s motive.  This will begin to influence John.

Source 2 – Personal Ability.  Coach the specifics of each behavior through practice.  Example: I would role play on the phone with John 20 or 30 minutes and then tell him to read the scripts out loud for another 20 or 30 minutes.

Source 3 – Social Motivation.  This one’s really easy with growing organizations.  Simply find other people who have overcome the challenge you are trying to help John with …….then connect John with those people to both motivate and enable the targeted behavior. This is a powerful, powerful concept.  I do it with ‘non-recruiting 3-ways’  ~ one of the 5 accelerators you’ll find here.

Source 4 – Social Ability.  People in a community intuitively understand they have to help each other if they are to be truly successful.  Great influencers ask others to also coach John with that particular vital behavior you have identified.  Example: I called a rep, Artie, and asked him to help Henry with a new behavior.  This let Artie know I respected him and his ability, let Henry know he was valued and created community.  Henry and Artie now swap tips and information even though they are in different organizations.

Source 5 – Structural Motivation – Those who are great influencers understand and capitalize on attaching appropriate reward structures to motivate people to pick up the vital behaviors.  Example: Staying with John here, I know he wants to pay for his daughter’s college so I put a $50 savings bond for her on the table if he would both practice and make 100 calls.  It’s very important to note I said nothing about the results …..again focus strictly on the behavior.

Source 6 – Structural Ability – Most people in home-based-businesses have conference calls or training.  Influencers know that the best teachers of a particular behavior are the ones who struggled with it and overcame it.  So again, continuing with John …..our company has a conference call about dialing the phone once a month.  I told John that he was going to be conducting the call 3 months from now so let’s get busy daily mastering this skill, in bite-size pieces.  This was a dual reward because it let John feel, that is, it influences him, that he was a vital part of the team and could help others because we had confidence in his willingness to improve this behavior.

The book the “Influencer” had an enormous influence 🙂 over us and I highly recommend considering this book if you would like influence with the people you work with.

Over the years I have shared this with my leaders.  Those who work the 6 ‘sources’ into their behavior quickly became tremendously influential both within their organizations and with the company.



Are folks getting worse and communication or have they always been this bad?

Just sayin‘.

It’s a slam dunk when someone adds the phrase ‘just sayin’ that an insult precedes it…..and for some reason these idiots who use the phrase ‘just sayin’ actually believe they are being honest with you.  Like they are being honest and that makes it OK. Like Julie Klam’s spin on this.

“Just sayin’ …… ‘you need to be more of a team player, just sayin’ ……means I am going to say something hurtful right now and let’s remember I am honest and I am adding ‘just sayin’ so I don’t have to take responsibility for my actions.

Folks who use that phrase think they are being blunt and helpful but they are just mean-spirited and hurtful idiots, just sayin’.

“We need to talk and I want you to know I am just being honest with you”…..means……I am going to hurt your right now and let’s not forget I am wonderful.   Saying your being honest when giving an opinion that was not asked for is the act of a self-serving moron……hey, I’m just being honest with you.


This word, ‘huh’ is not only growing at epidemic speed… is the signal of a bigger problem.  The erosion of manners.

Remember, “pardon me, could you repeat that?”…..or…… “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.  Could you repeat that honey?” ……..or……..”Come again John?  I missed that.

Mandino taught, “I will continue to work on my manners, for they are the sugar all are attracted to”

The world class worst and the selfish world-revolves-around-me ‘huh?’ manner-less are the bozo’s looking at a Smart Phone while talking to others or you.  The lack of manners with these bozo’s who delude themselves into thinking they can multi-task so they don’t have to deal with how amazingly rude they are….just sayin’

Speaking of which……some stupid bastard actually had the balls to give me a dirty look because I flushed the toilet in a public restroom..while he was talking business on his cell in the can.


Marcy S from NY asks for less Facebook and more face time.  People know how may friends they have on FB and others they are monitoring but don’t know the names of the kids on their street, their nephew’s birthdate…..appreciate and embrace people……with manners and it gets better for all of us.


1.  Dogs seem to get along better than people in dog parks…..well, everywhere.  Odd?  2. Cats never come when we want them to and they seem to love walking on my head as soon as I doze off.  3. The bottom-feeding guru’s want you to stay confused… they can keep up selling you.  Why would they help?  Once you can do this, networking, you don’t need them.  Confusion is their strategy.  don’t buy it…and to all you bottom-feeding liars… are stealing……just sayin’ 4. Watched 3 minutes of a ‘new revolutionary traffic driving MLM exploding’ system from a guy who claims to be a millionaire in network marketing.  Has he made a few million?  Yup.  But not IN networking…..he’s made it ON networkers.  Lazy people who want to be lied to so they don’t have to do any work seem to be growing in number. 5. Random acts of kindness?  Rising tides lift all ships….and every act of kindness does raise the tide.


1. If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you. Paul Newman

The internet is the new drug of choice for people who want to make money at home.  The internet is the new carnival where barkers try to separate people from their money.  Been taken in before?  Then, once you do get it to a system….its upsell, upsell and more upsell?  OK…’s 2 tips so no one ends up being the sucker at the table.  1 – If they start of telling you they are your friend or they want to help you or calling you their freind…..RED FLAG.  Pitchman, not friend.  Trying to disarm you.   2 –  High sponsoring numbers.  Anyone who knows MLM knows success has nothing to do with how many people you sponsor.  20 people a month?  Walk away. 80 people a month?  Hide the credit cards and children.

2. Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind.  Earl Nightengale

I guess we all know this is true and taking personal responsibility for our world is the big thing.

3. Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. Nightengale.

Ut-oh, the work part.  I got Earl’s ‘The Strangest Secret in The World” years ago on cassette then later or CD.  Was told if I listened to it everyday for 30 days and did the one tiny thing it asked you to do my life would become amazing.  It did.  Over the years I gave that CD as a gift to over 200 people and recommended it to thousands of others.  To my knowledge 4 people have listened for 30 days and done the 1 tiny, tiny thing…..and their lives are amazing.  The others?  Not ready.  Listened for a few days, whatever……….If you are wondering what the tiny, tiny thing is you may not be ready and go back to the first quote by Nightengale.

4. Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule. Nietzsche

I love the passion about making it big in networkers…..and folks who want to work at home.  It’s a passionate but irrational group.  To make it big time and long term you have to lead.  Lesson#1 is test before you testify.  Do not promote a tool, system or method until you’ve tried it yourself and proves it works.  Over reacting to new technology is a big mistake.  Test before you testify to your group.   Most of this stuff does not work out, some of it does.  What is imporant is that they trust you … earn it……

5. I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self-help section?” She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.  George Carlin

Everyone has been doing networking marketing since they were 6 years old.  We told friend about games, movies and new pizza places…..and they told us about new songs, TV shows and “ice cream shoppes” that just opened.  Our kids do it…..and we did it too.  What, now that you are getting paid to do something we’ve been doing for 20, 30, 40 years or more … suddenly got hard?  Complicated?  🙂

We all know what to do, we’ve been doing it our entire life and we didn’t forget how to do it when we enrolled.

Imagine your wife just hit the lottery for a million bucks.  Would you call anyone?  Excited?  Who?  Can you think of 10 you’d call right now?

Maybe we should pull ourselves away from this inter-webbie thing and call those 10.




mark januszewski

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WWJD for Networkers Who are Stuck…..Confessions of an Egocentric Blamer & Sunday Thoughts While Shaving


Well, let’s run this up the flagpole and see who salutes it…

Not to worry, not preaching coming at fellow networkers here but the truth be told it was the changes within my soul that created changes within me…..and I certainly did not make those changes, I was not the source of the shift within….everybody on some kind of path knows this about themselves and others.

Examining the relationship we have in our chosen spiritual pursuit and business seems to be more than OK….it is necessary.

Some would argue that there is no other way to see it …..and my point of view is a person’s spiritual life is private and the knee jerk reaction is we may be treading on thin ice …..I am sure you’ll let me know.

So let’s get to the real root of how the ‘World’s Laziest Networker’ actually came into being.  After all, less time at work and peace of mind surely makes service to the Source of All Good easy to engage in.


We are mental beings.

We occupy a physical body but at our absolute core we are mental, spiritual beings.

This knowledge makes or breaks us in…….life, love and business.   Understanding this is the first step, and the journey cannot begin on the 73rd Step or 122nd Step.  It’s gotta start with the first step.

It is this step that puts us on the road to freedom and prosperity.

As long as we believe we are some kind of superior animal, that is….. if we believe we are supposed to use our physical gifts – back, legs, brain etc – to overcome circumstances we are really in jail, in bondage as Emmit Fox liked to say.


Because our thoughts, our habits of thinking, make is impossible to see the Truth.

That Truth is we are mental beings.

What does this mean and how does it apply to building a business?  To improving lives of others?


It means that trying to overcome or improve physical conditions, [not enough time, not enough people to talk to, no upline support etc.], is trying to improve our environment without changing our minds.

We are trying to change the our personal physical world/conditions – which were created by us mentally in the first place. 🙂

The Master Teacher said ‘Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first what is in the cup and platter that the outside of them may be clean also.’

Change outside, in our conditions….. must come from within.


We say it but do we listen ourselves to the standard MLM Mantra?

….for things to change, you have to change and for things to get better, you have to get better

Heard it before?  Yup.

Said it before?

In my case 1000s of times.

But here is the cool part…..I kept saying to reps….for things to change, you have to change….etc……


I should have been saying for things to get better, I have to get better and for things to change…I have to change.

Do you see how dopey I was?  I was trying to control my business, create a success mentality, by controlling the conditions around me.  🙂

So what did I get?  A lot of people telling other people they had to change but not changing themselves.

Folks, never worry about duplication.  Worry about WHAT you do instead….because whatever you do will be duplicated by the ones looking to you for leadership.

In essence….no one would plant a flower and expect a bulb to grow, right? Yet trying to change the conditions, which I created anyway, is EXACTLY like trying to plant a flower and grow a bulb.


Once I ‘got it’ …….that we are mental beings and to change the conditions I need to change my mind….I asked for help, knowing full well that for me it was impossible but I knew ‘The One’ could transform me.

So I changed my mind…..OK,OK….that’s pretty egotistical…..I surrendered.

We are told by all the illuminated ones from great philosophers to great thinkers to Buddha to The Master Teacher …..

…..if it is good for you and does not take anyone else’s good and involves service to others, the Divine will supply the resources, energy, well everything.

Being the Laziest Networker in the World took more effort than the title would lead you to believe.

It was hard, hard work to surrender 44 years of thinking one way.

But it did not have to be that hard….I just kept thinking I could change myself.

The actual shift was easy…….it was just hard getting to the easy part because of ego.


Still looking at the conditions…people to talk to, time, unsupportive spouse, under capitalized, lousy good for nothing upline?

……and thinking when they change …..your business will grow?

Understanding that change in the outer world must come from the inner world and …..that I am not the one who does the changing… the path to change.

So…you know what is coming next right?


Take 100% responsibility for where we are at…….without judgement……get honest about what area or areas need improvement……surrender and ask for help…..while committing to being in service to others in the area you struggled in…..

WWJD for someone who does this and asks for help so s/he can serve others?

And you thought we improved with bullheaded persistence? 🙂

Now you know…..


Revising.  Again.

First revision?  Said I regret not moving over here 2 years ago.

I am revising that to 5 years ago when I first landed in Kauai and knew in 10 minutes this was it.

Follow your dream baby…..right now.

And the fact they had a Nor’easter last week in Boston has nothing to do with it. 🙂


At one point in this insane series of workouts Tony Horton says…..about one of the workouts…..”I hate it, but….I love it”

I am there, on track and still have a pulse.

Finishing up my first 90 days in 115 as planned to get ready to do it all in 90 days….and finish before the Bride’s Birthday so we can take an 11 mile hike to Kalalau Valley.    45 pounds to go…..down 20.


1. Why are people addicted to leads? Does anyone know anyone who has built a duplicating organization with leads?  I am not saying what one of the con artist, system pushing morons sell…or the testimonials on their pages say….I mean do YOU know anyone, personally?  From Boston to Kauai they call that a ‘CLUE’  2.  Pros get paid to play, amateurs pay money to watch Pros play.  Ironic, eh?  3. Greatness lies within every person who ever said, “wow” about the achievements of another.  You can’t see it if it is not within you.  4. My favorite player & pitcher Doc Haladay lost game 1 of the championship round.  Umpire missed a strike and on the next pitch Ibanez drops a catch-able ball.  2 runs score afer Roy what should have been the 3rd out.TWICE.  After the game Haladay talks only about what he did wrong….class act and a great lesson for all us work-at-home blame machines. 5. Funny thing….the Fabulous Davene, my blind Mom and myself…..since we’ve been in Kauai have eaten nothing but organic foods….and local protien… one has had a single health problem…..what the hell is in the food that is packaged?


1. In business for yourself, not by yourself. James Allen

James lived in the 1800s and wrote ‘As A Man Thinketh”   And you thought some MLM Founder coined that phrase?  🙂

Course, James took the title of his book from The Master Teacher.

2. Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you’re really strangers. Mary Tyler Moore

Is there anything on the planet like a home-based business when it comes to facing yourself and finding out your behavior and your perception of your behavior are strangers?  Talk about daily chances for personal growth…..geeeeezzzzzz

3. Common sense isn’t so common. Mark Twain

Networkers are a passionate but irrational type…..without common sense, within a few weeks, folks own sites, ebooks, systems…..and don’t talk to people.

What’s network marketing?  Talking to people.

4. A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. Charles Darwin

Talked with good friend Nancy DelRossi today…. someone is dying and my good friend of the last 6 years just died…..I know what Nancy is going through but the conversation was amazing.  Life is too short and you never know what you’ve got left…..2 years, 10 years …….30 years…..whatever …..she says.  And?  We both decided anyone can blow out an MLM deal if they get off their asses [OK,OK, if we get off ours] …in 12 months…..making the time left priceless…..Thanks Nancy……inspiration within sorrow.  Remarkable.

5. Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor. Disraeli

Seriously…..go for your bliss with reckless abandon today.

mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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What You’re Not Told About ‘Gifting Programs’ Will Ruin You ~ IRS Documentation


Not according to your friendly con artist and the uneducated fools who follow them.

The guys/gals at the top are liars.  Period.  More on these dirt-bags later…..let’s talk about what they show you….and most importantly what they do not show you.

I am basically a live and let live kinda guy, my mentor taught me a long time ago, “you can’t stop people from hurting themselves.”

But there comes a point where the damage to other innocent people can be so massive that those with information and proof and a foolproof way to validate who is telling the truth so you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it surfaces……I have reached the boiling point.

A nice grandma in Michigan I know had her career, livelihood, reputation and life savings, [IRS fines], destroyed.



My dad dies when I was 3…..I was raised by 2 fabulous uncles.  Uncle Dan’s job?  43 years with the IRS.

We’ve saved people 10s of 1000s over the years by leveraging the Homebased Tax Advantage….I am no fan of taxes but a little more versed than the average person.


The clowns are as slick as puppy shit on a pump handle.

What they show people who even question the legality of these ‘gifting’ programs is PART of the law.

They show the innocent BIG money and the Tax Laws regarding gifts and the tax exclusion.

They show them things like this:

Gift Tax Annual Exclusion
Year(s) Annual Exclusion
1998 – 2001 $10,000
2002 – 2005 $11,000
2006 – 2008 $12,000
2009 $13,000

They tell them they can get ‘gifts’…..up to 13,000 and don’t have to pay tax on it.  Impressive

And, it is all true.

Some of the more arrogant flim-flam-men even send them a link to that area of the IRS booklet.

“So, Mrs. Idiot,” you can be getting $1000s of bucks overnighted to you daily, all gifts and you never have to pay taxes….would that be OK with you?”


Lying by omission is the worst kind of lie.  Not only is it a lie, it’s premeditated deception.

Con artists have more scruples than these scumbags.

What they do not show their prospects is the DEFINITION of a gift……right out of the same booklet.

“What is considered a gift?
Any transfer to an individual, either directly or indirectly, where full consideration (measured in money or money’s worth) is not received in return.”

If your intent is giving money to someone you do not know…..with the expectation of receiving gain in return it DOES NOT QUALIFY as a gift.

Some of these folks have gone so far as to create a document you sign saying you are giving without expecting anything in return……which validates what I am saying…..and for the record holds ZERO water with the IRS.

Additionally, who you can give a ‘gift’ to is also spelled out……and strangers do not qualify…..but, that really doesn’t matter because should you get or become involved you have instantly, without meaning to, broken the law.

Think about it…you are not sending someone you don’t know money except for 1 reason… make money.  This is no gift common sense wise and it is no gift as far as the IRS is concerned.

Oh, and while I’m on it…..ignorance of the law, like my grandma friend, is ZERO defense.  A magnificent woman…a milk and cookies gal who never got a parking ticket…..publiclly humiliated in a small town where she has lived her entire life.  Ruined.

Oh, and she did have to pay taxes and penalties on the few thousand she got.

Let me make it clear:  It is not a GIFT because it does not fit the definition of a GIFT.

The information about gift exemptions is TRUE…..but does not apply to something that is not a gift.

Buck-up with these scumbags and you’re looking a minimum 3 counts….all Federal offenses.

Ponzi-Mail Fraud-Income Tax Evasion….for EACH transaction.


Some will tell you they are 501-C3’s … non-profits.

So what?

So was Jim and Tammy Baker’s church/TV show.  Didn’t keep Jim out of jail…..and it won’t keep you out of danger/trouble.

It is a con job kicked up a notch……why would they do that is they were not trying to con you?


Here is a surefire way to keep you, your family and your dreams safe.

Print out the material and bring it to your local IRS office.

Ask the person recruiting you to meet you there.

If they live in another town or state…..tell them to fly and I will cover their airfare if the IRS says, “Looks fine to me.”

With so many great networking companies and great ways to make money online….don’t let your passion to do more for your family and your impatience to make it happen cloud your judgement and common sense.

I want to urge you to forward this post…to folks you care about.

And when the guy calls you back who is trying to get you into a gifting program and tells you I don’t know what I am talking about……invite him to go to the IRS with you…..while he may say yes on the phone…..I can promise you it will never happen…..and trouble will never show up on your doorstep.


mark j

world’s laziest networker


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The 5 Character Traits to Accelerate Trust


As trust goes up, cost goes down and production goes up.  The converse is also true.

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, click here for 1 or here for 2.

Our formula….rather Covey’s.

If you are trying to build a team of reps and they don’t trust you ………or what you are teaching ……….or you are trying to acquire customers and they don’t believe you …Ut-Oh….your cost goes up because you have to go find new people and cultivate new relationships.  This costs time and money.

Traditional thinking :::>Strategy X Execution = Results

Covey’s brilliant shift

(Strategy x Execution) x Trust = Results

It is a myth that we have to ‘wait’ for trust to be earned.  While we have to earn it, there are 13 things we can do to accelerate the Speed of Trust.

The faster folks, teammates, prospects, customers etc., trust us, the faster growth.

Covey breaks accelerating trust into 13 parts…..

  • 5 Character-based
  • 5 Competence-based
  • 3 Character & Competence Based.

Let’s look at the 5 Character-based ones.


These behaviors need to be authentic, not ‘counterfeit’ because ‘dogs know who to bark at’


  1. Talk Straight.  Hidden agendas, spin and pseudo flattery are counterfeit behaviors. So is manipulation and distorting facts.  Declare why you are speaking to someone by honestly telling them the agenda, your agenda, right up front and stick to your word
  2. Demonstrate Respect. Showing respect to advance your agenda is counterfiet….and no matter how slick you think you are, it won’t work.  Showing respect or concern for only those who can help you is not respect.  Behavior that is fair, kind, civil and laced with love for all people defines respect.  As Napoleon Hill points out and suggests we repeat daily, “I eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity because I know  negative attitude towards other can never bring me success.”
  3. Create Transparency.  Tell the truth in a way that anyone can verify.  The counterfeit behavior is omission, hidden agendas or pretending things are different than they really are…..exaggerating numbers to make a sale, etc.  Over disclose, be open and authentic to the point of treating them they way you like to be treated when making a decision.
  4. Correct Wrongs.  We all make mistakes, apologizing is not enough.  Do something extra and make restitution and demonstrate humility.
  5. Show Loyalty.  Give credit loudly and speak about people who are not present only in a complimentary way.  Don’t pretend to take give credit but then take a bow.  Gossip is a no-no but more importantly let people know who may begin to talk about others that you simply do not do that.  Take 100% responsibility for things that go wrong and give credit to others when things go right.


This is the beginning of Relationship Trust and coupled with the Four Core values in yesterday’s blog you begin to lay the foundation for accelerating trust.

The value of this is priceless especially if you are building a networking team.


Only 29% of employees BELIEVE that management cares about them developing their skills so they can advance.  That means 71% do not trust management.

Wait, it gets worse.  Only 42 % believe the their employer cares about them at all….or 58% do not trust the company.

We are rarely, if ever, going to meet the ones who believe the company cares about them and believe management is helping them. We don’t get the ones who are happy and trust the company…..we get the ones who don’t trust the company.


Covey calls this the ‘hidden low-trust-tax.’  Meaning, we are interacting with people who don’t trust management ……and as soon as we show ANY sign that smells of similar behavior, we’ve lost them, they won’t take our coaching and we are dead in the water.

On the other hand, simply by accelerating trust, they take coaching, profit and grow as a result of trust us.

It might not ‘look’ like it but trust me :), the hidden low trust tax is real and those that deal with it build bigger teams faster.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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7 Factors to Increase Your Luck


We’ve consistently written in this blog that LUCK is created if we Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

Are there characteristics that leaders have in common, or people for that matter, who seem to have an inordinate amount of good Luck?


You know how some people seem to get one break after another?  In turns out that there are 7 Characteristics that these people display….. sort of a break down of what Labor Under Correct Knowledge means.


People who seem to catch one break after another know what they want to accomplish and they can give you vivid details of what the end result is going to be.

If you can’t close your eyes right this second and see what it is that you want down to the most minute detail then you don’t have a crystal clear objective and lady luck is not your companion.


The Greeks asked one simple question when some dies.  They did not do eulogies.

What was that question?

Did he have passion?

We’ve talked several times about the “Think and Grow Rich” material and building a burning desire.  But here is an easy way to tell if you have one.

Does everyone you know know what you want?

If you have a burning desire, real passion, about your objective everyone you know understands what it is, and so does Lady Luck.


Lady Luck has a built-in bullshit detector.

You can spout all the quotes about attitude you want….. she knows and she just won’t date people that don’t believe.


You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket.  Sounds kind of obvious….. but if you’re not putting yourself in the transaction spot, being proactive about generating transactions then you’re really the same guy or gal who wants to win the lottery without buying a ticket.

Gamblers call people who want to win money but not place a bet a “piker”.

Lady Luck don’t date no “pikers”.

So what’s proactive plus?

My sources tell me that Lady Luck hangs out at the extra mile.


I know I have been on the bully pulpit about this more that once but I am still flabbergasted that people won’t practice.

If we are going to make some money we need to talk to people and learning what to say and what to do requires some skill.

Lady Luck is attracted to people who are competent, confident and capable.

Do you practice?

She’ll know instantly and smile on you or dump on you.

All kidding aside one of the reasons that some people seem to be lucky is there prepared thru perfect practice, not winging it when opportunity presents itself.


The godfather of all self help, Earl Nightingale, said it superbly: If you are not prepared for your opportunity when it comes the opportunity will only make you look silly.


Sports Psychologist Rob Gilbert has preached for years, “With risk comes reward.”  The difference between getting lucky and not having anything but bad luck seems to be incredibly linked to the phenomenon I like to call “the moment’.

“The moment”, is when you get an idea and you either hesitate on it and don’t take action or you take the risk by taking action right away.

It can be a simple as being in the grocery store, standing in the check out line, and the gal next to you starts complaining about how expensive groceries have become.  That moment, right there, is what I am talking about.

Do you get in your car and say to yourself, “I should have said something…..”

..or rationalize your inaction with statements like …….”she probably wouldn’t have been interested…. etc. ?

This means that the idea, the moment, was right there…. people who get lucky don’t hesitate….. people who don’t get lucky hesitate and rationalize.

Lady Luck is waiting for you on the extra mile…she loves people who are well-practiced, skilled and have a clear idea where they are going.


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker


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