Covey’s 8th Habit ~ 4 Ways Achievers Express It


In the previous post we shared the idea that greatness is necessary to draw talent out of  others based on Steven Covey’s brilliant book, The 8th Habit.

The 8th habit is finding your voice and it makes a difference that is powerful in our thinking but…..always a but, right?  But, if we find our voice and do not know how to express it, what difference does it make.  While no one can really answer the question…..”If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”……. no one disputes that a voice that does not speak up is never heard.


You don’t need to be on stage to be heard… don’t need a big check to be heard.  People are so desperate for leadership they can trust, and once you find your voice in relation to Covey’s concept about this 8th habit, you are a leader.  We live in a country so thirsty for leadership that an entire nation stopped what it was doing to watch Zenyatta, the great race horse go for her 20th win in a row……and people wept when she came up a head short… desperate for a hero……imagine….while a good story….but making a horse a hero?  We are dying for leadership, eh?

It is a time when people are so wanting leadership they will crawl across emotional deserts….to what they think is an oaisis, find out it is a mirage and drink the sand…..can you say Washington, DC.  They just want someone with a way, a way to relieve stress, who will tell them the truth and how to do it.   So finding your voice, coming from that place of the 8th Habit… you a huge edge.  So don’t believe that lie in your head that people will not follow you.  They follow those principles that make up your voice……I know what you’re thinking


1. Achievers develop their mental energy into vision.

Imagination.  Vision is really applied imagination.  Great achievers move, with mental energy, a thought that they have imagined into a clear vision that others can easily understand.  Meaning when you share your vision it’s clear to anyone.  When the Fabulous Davene and I talked about Kauai we painted a picture for people about the island, where we were going to live and the actual street we were going to live on.  Letting others know that the only way that you can move your vision into a physical reality is to help them develop a vision and succeed in getting it.

2 . Achievers develop their physical energy into discipline.

I’m going to shift from Covey’s idea about discipline and share what I know about discipline as it applies to networking.  It’s a huge part of your voice.  The business breaks down four D’s.

Delay gratification.



Discipline.  I know that only disciplined people can truly attain success and freedom.  So do you.  We have to say “no” to some things so we can say “yes” to succeeding in finding the time to build and large organization.  People who are disciplined, people who stay with a diet, go to the gym, learn a new language, always get our attention.  Your voice will be heard if you discipline yourself consistently to do the things in network marketing required to build a big group.   If you do say what you mean and mean what you say around work, people will follow.

3. Achievers develop their emotional energy into passion.

While desire, conviction and drive are great, it’s passion that makes your voice resonate.  When people died in ancient Greece they didn’t do a eulogy.  That asked one simple question.  “Did he have passion?” People knew The Fabulous Davene had passion about Kauai.  Everybody knew.

Do people know you have passion?

This determines the volume of your voice and people’s’ hearts.

4. Achievers develop their spiritual energy and a conscious.

Ego is a tyrant.  In addition to micromanaging, it disempowers and controls.  This is not a voice someone whats to hear.  They can listen to any clown from Washington DC or the get rich quick artists on the internet to hear that crap.  The spiritual energy comes from you learning how to prospect, recruit and get people started right so you can then teach it.

The people I know who take the time to learn what to do and then freely give it away never talk about doing the right thing, or how their going to help people, or that they are going to place people underneath people in a networking organization.  The bottom line is….. people that do the right thing, every time, don’t tell have to tell others about it….they just do it.  They invest their time in learning the skills, practicing and mastering what needs to be done correctly and then they give it away.

This is going to add trust to your voice.

The really cool thing is all these things are with all of us and they are not a big reach……to a BIG voice…..

Vision-Disipline-Passion-Help Others

Would you follow someone who had those 4 things going on?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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2 responses to “Covey’s 8th Habit ~ 4 Ways Achievers Express It

  1. I find it amazing the 4 keys to our perfect voice. A crystal clear vision with passion, disclipined determination and spiritual conscious. That sounds like a great ball of light. Energy that can be seen a mile away. A voice anyone can hear. I love it!

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