Talent is Never Enough ~ 3 Beliefs You Must Have To Lead


This another in the series of books I was lucky enough to discover that became the backbone of our good fortune in the home-based business arena.   John Maxwell’s “Talent is Never Enough” had a profound influence on the way I approached myself and my business partners.  Let’s face it, if you are working from home your team is your business and knowing how to get the most out of yourself as well as others will determine your results.

I’m going to break his book down the same way I did in 2007 for myself and my team….5 simple parts.


The really cool thing is home-based businesses, really, don’t take a lot of talent.  I mean, most people have been talking to people for their entire life….so there is pretty much more than enough talent within everyone to help anyone succeed.  I knew this in 1993 but struggled to really get well in excess of $10,000 a month.  Not complaining but I knew my check was nowhere near my talent level….and I am not being cocky here…..neither was anyone else’s in my group.

Had to be me.

Bad News and Good News. The bad news is that it was me…..the good news is it was me…….something that I could improve.

Along with the other books I’ve shared in previous blogs “Talent is Never Enough” turned out to be the real tipping point.

What Maxwell’s book did was help me understand what talent really is, how over rated it is and how often its misunderstood.  Those were great discoveries but were dwarfed by he discovery of how to draw the talents of other’s.


1. When people achieve great things, most people often explain their success by simply attributing it to talent.  This is a misleading way, it’s a big mistake.  If talent was enough, why have we seen so many talented people come into our businesses and fail.

2. Hitchhiking on point 1 talent becomes and excuse.  That is we look at people who are not doing well and say they just don’t have the talent.


Maxwell is not the only one to point out that the first and greatest obstacle to success for most people is belief in themselves.  This is unbelievably frustrating for all of us in networking because everybody knows how to talk to people.  Lack of belief really is a ceiling on everyone’s talents.

The main thing that I drew from this brilliant work was to draw talent out of people I had to first get them to buy into three beliefs.

1. Believe in your potential. Most people rarely approach reaching 10% of their potential.  In networking they see other people succeeding and it further inhibits them believing in their own potential.   You’ve got to help them understand they have been doing network marketing everyday since they were 6 years-old.

2. Believe in yourself. If you really want to lead you’ve got to believe in yourself.  Getting reps to believe in themselves happens in as simple as ABC.  a. You believing in yourself gives them permission to believe in themselves.  b. Structure their work week.  It’s not the structure its the time that you invest.  They always say thank you for the time and you always answer your worth it.  c. Compliment, compliment, compliment.  Anything they are good at helps you build their belief in themselves if you have them help other reps with the thing that they are good at.

3. Believe in your mission. Believing in what you are doing is the third component in lifting talent.  If you believe in your mission it will empower you, encourage you, enlarge you and it will draw out your talent.  It will do the same for your reps.  I met my wife, The Fabulous Davene, when we were both single parents raising 2 kids each on our own.  Networking helped both of us become stay at home parents earning great paychecks.  But we were each stuck around the 10K a month level.  We loved being home with our kids.  One day we got the idea to commit to getting other parents home.  This because our mission and son of a bitch we both became instantly more talented.

See Ya tomorrow with the next installment.

In the meantime let me suggest you evaluate those three points for yourself and the reps you are working with.  Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to take advantage of the next four segments of “Talent is Never Enough“.


Mark J

The World’s Laziest Networker


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11 responses to “Talent is Never Enough ~ 3 Beliefs You Must Have To Lead

  1. Dave Watjen

    As always, Mark, great words to live by….

  2. Gregory

    Right on once again. Network Marketing comes down to giving more to get more. Where have I read that…… maybe MKMMA program.

  3. Ben Hamberg

    How true. For years people would always say “you’ve got talent” yet my successes were not at the level I wanted and knew they could be. Believing that what I/you want so much that it has to be “the next logical step” is what creates it.
    Thanks for the reminders.


  4. I love it. I’ve said to be successful we need to believe in three things. Company, Product and Self. The product and Company is easy. Changing focus here. Thanks Mark.

  5. Aileen Johnson

    The three things that we need to learn and teach our people is to believe in their potential, themselves and their mission. Thanks Mark for this insight I am looking forward to more information to assist us in our businesses.

  6. Belief is a foundational building block to self realization. Thank you Mark J. & Davene. Bill W.

  7. Aileen Johnson

    Bill thanks for responding to me. Yes beleif is a main thing and it is geat to follow Mark J. and Davene learning this process.

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  9. Aw ha! Three beliefs. Great insights on talent is never enough. good to know. Thanks for guiding me to right thinking.

  10. Aileen Johnson

    Thanks for stopping by Rena.


    Alright and this, Mark & Davene,
    you two are THE BEST!

    Thank you SO MUCH!

    Tony Profit

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