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Just How %!^@# Stupid Do The Pseudo Gurus Think We Are? Try This Instead


I love the movie The Pope of Greenwich Village. Mickey Rourke plays a guy named Charlie Moran and his girlfriend, Daryl Hannah says to him when he tells her a lie…… “Charlie, that’s pathetic. It’s an insult to be lied to so obviously.” [last-minute or two in clip]

These pseudo gurus fall right into that group……

Only the most inexperienced person would believe the crap these morons are pitching.

Do people actually read the copy?

If they did these bozo’s would never make a dime.


Excuse me?

If we buy their bullshit we get ‘a free gift.’

I don’t know about you but I never remember, in my 60+ years anyone who gave me a gift and charged me for it.

Isn’t a ‘gift’ by definition given freely?

How stupid do they think people are?

Do you charge people for gifts?

Do you tell your kids, “Here you go Joanie, here is your FREE gift” ?????


This is double horse dung.

I’ve earned bonuses in direct sales jobs and networking.

No one ever charged me for a bonus…..

Isn’t a bonus, by definition, free?

And the $3700…..or $2500…..or whatever in ‘bonus’ material…..wouldn’t you love to know who bought it at for $3700?

I am guessing no one……how about you?


Got my 11th last chance email for the same woman…….in 3 days.

How many times do they send the ‘last chance’ email after the first one…….expecting we’ll believe them?


Using fear to get us to buy……some of these con artists are now resorting to pretending they have a magic software/system that will get us 10-30 people sponsored a month or week even.

And…..if we don’t get it……our life as business people will be over….we’ll starve.

If we don’t get on board with ‘new school stuff’…..which only they know about….we are doomed.

Using fear to sell ‘new school’….is, well, very old school.

How stupid do they think people are?  Really?


Why would someone who knows how to do these amazing things……not just build a group?

Why would they put their group in competition with other groups?

And in competition with every group within every country in the world?

Gee, that is a tough one…….oh, yeah…..I forgot…..they like to share.

Give me a break……Daryl Hannah was right…..it is an insult to not even take the time to make up a good lie.


Correct me if I am wrong but as soon as some else knows something it’s not really a secret, is it?

I mean really, come on.  If these bottom feeders have some information that they believe has value, why not just say “If you’re working from home, this information [that is….ahem….what it allegedly is, right?], will help you make more money.”


Does that mean if I buy it and tell someone on my team about it I get a reputation as someone who “can’t keep a secret”?

Gimme a break.

Wait…..if you ‘buy’ a secret……then it’s not a secret anymore and since you bought it……shouldn’t you get your money back?  After all, once they tell you, it’s not a secret 🙂


To make 2011 a big year 3 things are needed…….and they don’t cost a dime.

  1. Common sense
  2. Personal Responsibility
  3. A couple easy-to-learn-and-teach skills


It is Network Marketing.


That means we ‘network out’ through people we to meet the people they know.

Where does common sense enter?

Who would you take a recommendation from?

A stranger or a friend.

More common sense……

Get a grip folks…..working warm list to is massive….they guys and gals telling you it’s dead always follow their absurd reasoning with a request for money……duh?  How stupid do they think we are?  🙂

Do you consider it ‘being bothered’ when a friend tells you about a sale?  Or a short-cut?


It is net-WORK marketing

Most people miss opportunity because it shows up in overalls and looks like work.”  Edison

It is irresponsible to think we can build a network without talking to and helping people.

It is work…..but for 2 years of being consistent, anyone can match and exceed their regular pay in 10-12 hours a week.

The key is duplication and we get it only one way…….not buying crap…..we get it by learning what to do and teaching it to others hands on.

It is irresponsible to imply and directly tell someone you can help them change their life and then send them to a website and forget them.

I know that and you do to.

Pride, passion and persistence …..those 3 qualities directed at helping others is what personal responsibility is all about.

Pride – learning how to effectively teach a couple skills….you cannot teach what you do not know

Passion – about helping others improve once they know the skills…..work with them…do the work with them.

Persistence – commit to other people’s dream…..

3. A couple of simple skills.

If we are going to make some money we are going to have to talk to people and knowing what to say is easy.

We’ve made a fortune following these 3 rules for recruiting…..when we say something.

  1. It’s got to be rejection free
  2. It can’t embarrass or pressure the prospect
  3. Must have high probability of success [how’s 90%?]

I have found the more things change the more they stay the same…..the subconscious mind still makes all the decisions…….and using 2 simple skills gets lots and lots of  ‘yeses’ to looking at what you have to offer……totally rejection free.

One is called Instant Rapport….the other is Most People



How do we talk about the business rejection free……..or pressuring people…….or having relatives avoid you…….??

Use instant rapport builders…..and when they ask you for more information…..tell them, “let’s talk next week and just enjoy the holiday right now”…..give them a specific date and time……

Here are a couple I use over the holiday…..company, parties, gatherings…..that never fail to get several appointments with no business being discussed


Got my English Setter Tommy here to Kauai.  Always thought he’d like the Canyon…..I was not entirely right.  He loves everything.  Why is it one little change or challenge with a company can’t be embraced like a cool adventure…..do dogs know something we don’t know?  They seem so much more open-minded.  Good lesson there.


from friend Chuck Anderson…..1. Nothing sucks more than the moment in an argument when you realize you are wrong. 2. Bad decisions make great stories. 3. We have a hard time finding our car keys or cell phone, rarely locating it on the first shot but the snooze alarm?  100% hit rate on the first try.  4. The first protective cup was used in hockey in 1874, the first helmet in 1974.  Guys, did we really need 100 years to figure out the brain needed protection? 5. Is it just me or once we hit 40 is it hard to discern whether we are tired, bored or hungry……does that account for the dangerous habit of eating while laying down on the couch?


Finishing up my first pass and will finish on time….ready to start the whole thing over again on January 1.  There is no way I don’t finish…..I can see and feel the finish line……and I wonder how many people would have never quit networking if they could have figured out how close they really were.


1. Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Einstein

Attention is the key to everything.  The average persons loses focus every 6 seconds.  EVERY 6 SECONDS.  Just paying attention for 8-9 seconds sets you apart.

2. Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age. Einstein

That is exactly what hustlers and pied-pipers count on.  If we look at what we want and the networking model…..realize we’ve been doing the one thing that needs to be done since we were 6 years old……we’d all make what we wanted in half the time and at a fraction of the cost.

3. Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. Einstein

And competition and the internet and traffic and kids or….uplines, companies, payplans…..etc……are not responsible for our success or failure.

4. The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. Einstein

We’ve all been doing networking since we were 6…..yeah, I know……it’s in point 2…..but it really is important.   People say they have fear of the phone…..ever afraid to tell a friend in school about a new pizza shop or where Topps new season of baseball cards are on sale.  Good.  Networking is the same thing.

5. Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. Will Rogers

Networking is like baseball….the beauty of baseball is that every day is a clean, fresh start.  Networking is the same way.  4 strikeouts yesterday?  No one cares…..not the fans, your teammates and most of all, the pitcher.  Networking is the same way…..like the home town fans, everyone is rooting for you to win……and, you can relax because you get another fresh start tomorrow.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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6 Must Knows Princples for Leaders in the Future


The leadership methods of the past are not enough.

Leader of the Future by Peter Drucker, made the Top 15 ……and with good reason.

The days of ‘Just Do It’ the way it is ‘laid out’ will not cut it as leadership anymore.  The deals a dime a dozen out there today and more people looking and joining daily than ever before….. the ‘caveman’ approach to Leadership is about as effective as an umbrella in a hurricane.

KEY: New people buy the leader BEFORE they buy the vision.

What does that mean?

It means that as bad as they want to get their husband off the road…..or pay for the kids education……or get their wife at home with the kids………..they will believe in YOU before that dream makes the longest journey in the world….from the head to the heart……once the dream gets to the heart…..things are better…….but they do not get great until they learn to lead……which, ironically, they learn from you.

So you better be good for 2 reasons….

1. It is YOU that facilitates the movement of their dream from the head to the heart.

2. It is YOU that teaches them to lead by what you do and what you say.

It today’s competitive market place…..and that combativeness is compounded by the internet…..you better be the leader of the future now…..not later.

See, the beauty of all the Tom, Dick and Harry’s believing ‘systems’ will do all the work for them and they never have to talk to anyone, [did their Momma’s teach them anything ? 🙂 ], it is that personal attention gives you an edge…..had a guy yesterday tell me he was ‘stunned’ I called.

But……and this is important….the people enrolling today, who are serious and not ‘lottery-heads’ [believing they don’t have to do anything but point and click], are more discerning and, if you learn and practice these 6 tiny things…..they will not only gladly follow but become leaders, real leaders.

1. Encourage their passion.

Don’t let what you think is important – plan, product, company, making money, etc., close your ears….find out what they are passionate about, write it down and make sure you build it into every conversation.  Most people go their whole life without someone asking them what is important to them…..find out and support that passion.

2. Enhance their ability

Find out what they can do well, teach them some skills to help them do better.  Link what you are teaching to their passion…… e.g. “I am asking you to learn this skill so we can get your husband off the road and then we can help other families have more time with each other..”

Once you share a few skills with them in areas that they are comfortable with….work WITH them to enhance that skill set.

3. Value their time

Most people start part-time and have a full-time job.  Their time is limited.  Value it.


Show up for appointments/3-ways early.

Be prepared.

Undivided attention.

Action focus.

4. Build their network

Don’t tell them what to do, do it with them.

Do you know how few people get this?

Then, do it with their people while they listen in.

Do you know even fewer people do this?

They learn what to do, hands on…..then you teach them how to teach others.

This 3-Deep Pattern is leadership, leadership of the future…..and for us, and new reps, the future is right now.

This so, so separates you from the ‘branded’ ..ahem, experts.

5. Support their dreams

This is different from their passion.

It is not some silly, ‘why’…..it is much deeper than that.

Find out, a week or two in, for them to paint a verbal picture of their life ……for you……once their credit card stuff is cleared up, hubby is now home…..and 15,000 a month or more is rolling in.

Find out what they would do if they owned their own life.

Once this happens, send [not email…..yuck], pictures of them in their dreams.

Commit to their dreams, know them inside out……get your upline involved with these ‘little things’ then DO THE WORK TO GET THEM>>>WITH THEM.

This is support, not lip service.

Get 3-4 people what they want and your business will be bigger than you can think.

1000s of MLMers……ask for a ‘why’ from an new rep but never look at it again.

I do…..I get the future and you can so separate yourself from the pack.

DO THE WORK WITH THEM and link the work you are doing together to their dream.

6. Expand their contribution

Networkers will work just as hard for recognition as money……I know what you are thinking….”I don’t care about that stuff, being on stage”

Well, that MAY be true….but it is not accurate.

It might be recognition from a spouse…..their Dad or Mom……no matter.

As they grow get the spotlight on them and make sure you are not their to take a bow with them.

Each success they have?  Get it in your newletter…..get them on conference calls…..not ready to train…..great, recognize and ask them to share ‘how they are doing it’…..and BANG:::> you’ve expanded their contribution.  Let other’s know what an important piece of the puzzle they are…..expand thier success into the group.

These simple and sound tips……all connected and so easy to do all 6 in the course of your day will …..make or break your ability to lead in the future.

And since you’ll be spending the rest of your life in the future…….isn’t it time to get to leading that way right now?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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The 3 Things Top Earners Do In Last 2 Weeks of December?


In a previous post we covered why December is the best recruiting month.  Not only is it great because prospects are never more aware of how little time and money they have but 95% of your competition has packed it in….very cool advantage.

While they’ll be trying to re-start their teams in mid-January….and MAYBE getting them going in mid-Febuary, those who leverage that knowledge will be off to the the races…..with new, well-trained reps.

Million-dollar-whiz-kid, John Cini, likes to say ‘the proof is in the print out‘ and he reports his team is experiencing its best back-to-back weeks all year……while other teams have already packed it in.

John, like most folks who have actaully, officially, made well in excess of a million bucks, does 3 simple things to finish the year strong and give themselves an insurmountable advantage in the new year.

It really is just 3 things but I am making it 4 because experience counts……so steal this idea 🙂


KEY: Set in motion a strategy for the last 2 weeks BEFORE the last 2 weeks arrive.

This means  get this 3-prong strategy set in motion this week, by the 12th-14th  of December.

You’ve got a small window if this has not been set in motion.

More on this in the video below.


Schedule the same amount of recruiting time every week for the last 2 weeks of December BUT do it with respect to your family, fun and obligations by scheduling those things first.

Look, you know most, if not all, of the parties, family events, etc. already……and if your working 10 – 12 hours recruiting now, figure it out.

You’ll end up with more appointments and you’ll have a lot more fun.

How so?

Winner’s feel better about themselves……but it is more than that.

KEY: When you are having spiritual engagement, and when you’re fun and celebrating …..do exactly and precisely that.

This is HUGE:  Shut the business off, 100%.  Enjoy and understand that is why you got into this crazy networking industry.

There is nothing like KNOWING and EXPERIENCING setting your own schedule…..it will let you ‘taste’ what if feels like to be 100% present for others….to ‘touch’ the lifestyle you are shooting for.  It will bolster your commitment…..so do your schedule backwards and really feel it.

What does that mean?

Look over your Holiday commitments….write them in your book…then pick a couple extra, things you’d like to do with a loved one, friends, church and associates.

Schedule those to.

Pause. Feel.

You’ve ‘scheduled’ your life….before work.

Schedule a couple of ‘nothing’ slots…..half day, full day…..no matter ….to do nothing but enjoy yourself.

Pause and feel again……you are creating a life……for yourself and those you love.

Now, schedule your normal recruiting time.

With the major Holidays on Saturday this year…..easy……want 2 3-day weekends?  Take them……and get in your 8, 12, 15 hours as normal.

You’ll feel like a million bucks because you’ll be lining yourself up to make a million bucks…..and you’ll stay sharp instead of getting a little rusty.

Can’t say it enough…..when you are NOT working, don’t work….shut it off and enjoy …..not just what you are doing but the fact you can schedule your life FIRST.

Obviously, you want to do this …..then contact your leaders and teach it to them; if you forward this post to them 90% of your message will be conveyed and the last 10% to get them on board will be telling them you’ve already do it.

Then call their team with them and duplicate the scheduling pattern.

Don’t tell them to do it, do it with them.


Get an accountability partner…..call daily….validate your schedule….yup even the days off.


It helps you connect with others, yes….but it helps you reinforce to yourself 2 great things.  The incredible fact you ‘own’ your life and your willingness to hold yourself accountable.  You’ll feel like a Pro because you are a Pro.



Get upline and teammates to listen to you make calls and get feedback.

We all get a little sloppy sometimes…..drift away from basics.

Remember the best way to improve the team is to improve yourself.

Ask for feedback, take notes…….be defenseless………embrace…….


By doing these 3 things and setting them in motion with your team……you and your team gain the insurmountable advantage on 2 fronts.

First, the competition has quit for the year……planning to ‘sprint’ like rabbits…..while us turtles have already won the race.

Second, you are coming into the New Year both improved as a team and with the life blood of any organzation flowing….new, excited reps.

And, the benefit of choosing your life and family first while achieving is ….well, priceless.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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Persistence Is a By-Product of Small 4 habits


Is there a self-help book that does not hammer on persistence?

What a yawn fest…..talk about a load of crap.

Hang in there!

Don’t Quit!

Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win!

Gimme a break…….these great statements feel good but do they really do any good?

What are they trying to convey?



Sadly, these expressions are kind of like a warm bath.

A warm bath feels pretty good when you first get in but let’s face it, in the end you are sitting in a puddle of dirty, cold water.

Motivational speakers who espouse this type of ‘win one for the gipper, never quit’ stuff make us feel good when we hear it but the next day we can’t remember why.

There job, for the most part, is self-serving……they want to make us feel good and the CDs series they are peddling from the back of the room or the up-sell into the next course is really why they want us to feel good…..

And, they want us to feel ‘inspired’ and so they tell fabulous stories about people who over came incredible odds…..to emerge victorious.

What they are not telling you is the 4 little habits these folks had all mastered to forge the bigger habit of persistence.

Are these types of pitchmen trying to deceive us?  Probably not …..in most cases……but don’t you think it’s odd that the pattern is always the same…..

Make us laugh, cry, feel moved…..with stories…..of people…..like you and me…..who overcame tougher odds than anyone in the audience is feeling…..AND……for the low price of 495 bucks ….or $3995…..we can get their next course or CD/workbooks series that will make us just like those people 🙂


Turns out there was a study, a 25 year study done on 504 rags-to-riches stories and yes, persistence was a crucial piece.

But the study revealed none of them ever thought of ‘being persistent’ but instead focused on 4 simple, easy behaviors the via repetition became habits and these 4 habits working in confluence produce, as a by product, persistence.

Who was studied?  The list is extraordinary……including W. Clement Stone [built the largest and most successful sales force in history…..went from 100 bucks in his pocket to billionaire]….Thomas Edison…..who seems to find his way into every motivational speakers bag……Morgan, Firestone, Wrigley, Carniege…..504 in total.

W. Clement Stone and Hill produced Think and Grow Rich……and several other books and publications together and it wasn’t until Hill met Stone that he found true financial success….co-producing “Success Magazine” which is still the bible publication for entrepreneurs today.

I mention Hill’s partnership with Stone because I was trained personally by Stone in 1971.

In Think and Grow Rich they break down the four simple easy habits that create persistence and success.



This is not the usual ‘why’ you want to succeed.  It is about something much more….understandiing who you truly are and allowing yourself to confess to yourself who you really are, what you really want…..fuggettabut what others want for you, your family, what society says you should want…..what is your purpose being on the planet and how will succeeding fill your heart’s desire……that desire you don’t let anyone know about…….and once you get it ……how will you feel, how will it benefit others……in essence how will it change your world and how will that positively affect the worlds of the folks in your life and beyond be affected?

Easy…….simple……just tell yourself the truth…..write it down and commit…..need more help? Here is the chapter about Desire



A Desire without a written plan…..detailed ……weekly…… is nothing more than a wish.  Continuous action is the key…..surfing the web is not action.  Contacting prospects is.


A MIND CLOSED TIGHTLY AGAINST ALL NEGATIVE AND DISCOURAGING INFLUENCES, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

We always hear about being open minded…..but there is a time and a season from everything and once we understand this we’ve got to have a closed mind …..to negative thought, to looking at other deals, to distractions …..to everything except the point where transactions that advance the Definite of Purpose is the only thing we do when we are doing business.



No master mind alliance, no success.  Period.

A master mind alliance is not a conference call where you bounce ideas around……an MMA…..Master Mind Alliance is created by you with mission statement and the core of that mission statement is for you to obtain your definite major purpose. Period.  Here is the only way it works.

The MMA you form is actually part of an organized plan.  It’s not an option.

Working in harmony, not mere cooperation, is not only easy but uplifting and will provide the ideas that are solutions to any and all problems.


4 little, easy habits…….with a massive payoff in addition to the development of persistence.

Here is what Hill wrote and I have experienced when I adhere to this simple formula:

“These four steps are essential for success in all walks of life. The entire purpose of the thirteen principles of this philosophy is to enable one to take these four steps as a matter of habit.   These are the steps by which one may control one’s economic destiny.  They are the steps that lead to freedom and independence of thought.  They are the steps that lead to riches, in small or great quantities.  They lead the way to power, fame, and worldly recognition.  They are the four steps which guarantee favorable “breaks.”  They are the steps that convert dreams into physical realities.

They lead, also, to the mastery of FEAR, DISCOURAGEMENT, INDIFFERENCE.

There is a magnificent reward for all who learn to take these four steps. It is the privilege of writing one’s own ticket, and of making Life yield whatever price is asked.”


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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3 Simple Steps to Creating Synergy


I can remember sitting in trainings, going events….and if I heard the word ‘synergy’ one more time I may have snapped.

It’s thrown around like the word love.

Do people really ‘love’ new floor wax?

Do they really ‘love’ their new phone, computer, car or MP3 player?

Of course not…..I get it just an expression…..but the value of ‘synergy’ is so profound that it is a shame it is used out of context.

Cooperating, being part of a team…..that is not synergy and without it, MLM is like pushing a ball up a hill with a rope.  Hard.  Way, way to hard.

Can people that cooperate do well?  Yup.

Will they attain the unattainable?


What, exactly is synergy?

Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.


Leaders blather about synergy as much as owners.  Sounds great.  Never happens because they do not teach people how to create it.

Talking about it, out of context and never explaining, ever, exactly what to do creates more harm than good.


Using the word over and over with no effect undermines our ability to lead, it weakens belief and eventually those ears go deaf and that yields to indifference.  Bye-bye.


Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

Think about it…..obtaining a result that was NOT obtainable.

Think that would make a happy downline?

Make them lots of money?

Making money for others is the way to sustained success.

And no one ever told you what it actually meant or, more importantly, how to get it……me either.  That is annoying…….and dumb.

Called 10 people, leaders, the last 2 days…..folks I know.

All confessed to using it …..and all of them, eventually admitted 2 other pretty big things.

1. They could not really define it….

2. They never looked it up…


Most people have a goal statement or mission statement they wrote when they started.

Time has come off the clock and they are not much closer but they are showing up for things…chipping away.

Get a meeting with them…..if the don’t have a mission statement, help them put it together.

Step 1

OK, back to the meeting……so you’re meeting with them…..here’s what you do….let’s call her Sally.

3 Simple Steps to Synergy.

“Sally, this looks good but in 10 hours a week kinda unobtainable without synergy.  Do you know exactly what synergy is?”

The always say something like, ‘not exactly.’

Do NOT tell……show the definition.

Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

“Sally, mine goals are a reach, a big reach too.   I would like to create synergy with you and obtain our goals.”

Get agreement.

The biggest reason networkers do not get the job done is always the same…..recruiting and sponsoring.

In this case, as with all cases, Sally is simply inconsistent, like all of us when results are poor.

Step 2 [use this vocabulary, exactly]

“We need to improve and that means we need feedback from one another.  So, would you agree to one simple ground rule: no one can make [his/her] point until they have restated the other persons point to his/her satisfaction.  Agreed?”

You’ll get 100% agreement.

“Would you be willing to look at solutions to growing our group that is BETTER THAN what we are currently doing?”

Always, the answer is yes….without fail.

Ask what you could do better on her behalf; embrace feedback

Step 3

Map out a plan that puts Sally in a prospecting mode 80-90% of the time and execute it.

Commit to the 5 Accelerators and the most effective method used by someone in your company that you like, respect and is earning the kind of money you and Sally want.

Make sure to leverage the information and methods from The Influencer in the planning portion [Step 3]

In 20 years of blessing, I have never seen working the 5 Accelerators fail to produce this stunning effect…..synergy…….were 2 or more get in lock step and they know what to do, how to do it and what to do.

It is really amazing what synergy will do………in the hands of a leader can define, empower, plan and implement.

I mean, really…….doesn’t “two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently,sound pretty cool?

Wouldn’t you  want to be a part of that?


Chelsea Lynn arrives here on Kauai, December 7th.  Dreams come true, the home will be multi-generational…….. and having my dog Tommy is just an additional bonus.

My daughter faced one setback after another but had declared if she couldn’t make it all happen by herself there was no point in coming.  I get that.

I know the pride she is feeling, over coming a drop in tips of 20%, more money to move than she thought….a lot more to get her 2 dogs over here…..the list goes on BUT the list is not the point, is it?

She has a burning desire and an amazing idea for a business here.  Proud Papa moment?  You betcha.

See, that is really the bigger dream for all of us as parents……yes?  That they will dream and do…..win some, get knocked down some but that they believe in themselves and want to accomplish something important for themselves is a win for parents.


Sore, some tendonitus…..but I keep on trucking.  Just worked around the pain……down over 20 pounds, on target to hit April goal……will finish my ‘get ready’ run through on December 30th and will be in good enough shape to do P90X with them, stride for stride……I was not ready when I started and knew I needed to go through it once in 120 days…..to get in shape to ‘go for it’…..and ‘bring it’

Why am I writing about P90X?

I wanted to quit a couple times……the beginning was very hard…….just like new reps want to quit.

I did not like how far I had to go…..just like new reps….but I kept going

This list of paralells could go on and on……and, trust me, I am not bragging……this workout humbles everyone……just like networking……..

I am seeing, once again, the power of keeping a promise to myself, my family and my friends……has more to do with achievement than anything.

Maybe we should ask new reps to ‘make a promise’ instead of a goal statement? 🙂

My point is….at a few breaking points over the last several weeks it was the promise that ended up being the tipping point.

Make promising part of your life and see what happens……once you decide to ‘keep’ them no matter what.


1. Has anyone seen all these folks who sell courses about ‘how to make money online’ ever sell anything except ‘how to make money online’?  2. Love Kauai but Christmas without harsh cold seems odd.  Santa in shorts? 3. Does anyone trust banks anymore?  4. Fast food places like Taco Bell now paying people on a debit card instead of a paycheck…..saves the money.   Poor employees must pay ATM Fees to get their money out.  Daughter made 4 taps on the card costing her, in ATM fees, about an hour’s wages.  5. See point 4……and tell me you don’t have anyone to talk to.


1. A man is what he thinks about all day long. Emerson

We know it but we still think about crap, doom and failure……as long was we keep thinking we ‘don’t watch that much TV’ and we’re ‘not online that much’………shut that all off for a week and notice what it feels like…..and where your mind wanders…….then read this quote again.  A 17 day juice fast with no TV, inter-webbie-thing or phone changed everything.


2. An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Emerson

To comment on that would make Emerson’s point 🙂

3. Right before ‘The Bourne Identity’ came out, I hadn’t been offered a movie in a year. Matt Damon

A year.

Putting himself out there daily without a hit.

Most networkers, believe it or not, talk to 3 people and quit.

4. Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.
John Wooden

Very strange times we are in…….I cannot even begin to understand the microwave mentality of people ‘trying’……for a week or two……

Next stop are the ‘gurus’…..who have ‘systems’ …..and create ‘traffic’…….

Met a guy in 11 deals last week…..crazy…..all it takes to make it with any company is deciding it is going to turn out well.

5. Nothing happens quite by chance. It’s a question of accretion of information and experience Jonas Salk [polio vaccine]

Knowledge will not apply itself and we get better when we learn and apply information and skills.  For some reason people believe a couple thousand bucks and a couple of clicks and it will be lottery time.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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4 Things We Must Do To Activate Covey’s 8th Habit and Grow


The idea behind Covey’s 8th Habit is finding our voice…….We’ve covered the bases about how to discover it, how to use it to create influence and how to declare intention…….but to use our voice to activate our teams and get duplication is the bottom line.

There are just 4 little things we need to do to make that happen and it will drive your team into the sweet spot of duplication than anything I have discovered in 20 years.

These are 4 easy to manage disciplines for people who have found their voice.

These disciplines, along with some simple skills,  vastly improve the teams ability to focus, express power and execute the top priority, recruiting.

1. Focus on the Wildly Important.

It is the nature of people to focus on one thing at a time….and…..that is not always the one thing that will drive a business, talking to people.   The more goals we set of the team, the less likely they will be achieved.  get everyone on the same page, same goal……and the probability of that one thing getting accomplished goes up dramatically.  In networking, people tend to want to do other things …..instead of contacting prospects…..which is where the money really is.

Teach and preach this mantra….”The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing….because it it the main thing.”  The main thing is contact prospects and invite them to review information.

The main thing is the wildly important thing.  Focus on this one thing and keep your team focus on recruiting and don’t dilute it with other choices.

2. Create a Compelling Scoreboard

Athletes play differently in a game than in practice, they kick it up a notch.   If winning was not important, why would they keep score?  Winning is important and setting up a scoreboard for people to measure themselves and compete with others works.  Offering incentives on a weekly or monthly basis [weekly seems to work better], for new reps and group that grows the most percentage-wise and having the results on a website ….is a compelling.  Successful people tend to be competitive, recognition driven and team orientated.

Seeing their name and picture up there is a big thing.  Not seeing it up there is also a big thing.  It brings out the best in people.  Make it fun.

3. Translate Goals Into Specific Actions

The biggest mistake I see people make….year in and year out…..is NOT connecting what someone wants to what they have to do to get it.  There is no industry on the planet where what to do, specifically, is so clear.

We don’t need multi-tasking skills….people do not need to be magicians to build a big business.  They just have to do 1 thing over and over.  Simple.

Link talking to prospects to what they want and make sure you help them take inventory every week.


Simple.  How many hours did you work last week?…..how many hours contacting prospects?

Keep this at 80+% and help them make sure that they are making 15 calls per hour….a nice pace for anyone.  I aim for 20+ but 15 is a great number.

Breakdown what they need to do weekly into daily tasks.

4. Hold Each Other Accountable – All The Time

Accountability sessions are the only way to bind together the first 3 points.

They key here is understanding you have to be doing what you are asking them to do.

This, again the elegance of our industry, is so easy….no big committee meetings or any of that time-consuming stuff.

This can be done with a simple 60 second laser call where both people say what they are going to do and why and verify what they said they were going to do yesterday.

Might sound like this: “I am making 25 dials today to help get my husband off the road.  Yesterday I said I would make 25 calls and I did, got 4 great prospects”  The partner then does the same thing.

These 4 tiny steps turn Covey’s 8th Habit, finding our voice into a living force that duplicates.

It was these 4 actions that ended up being the bridge between a great idea and results.


mark januszewski

worlds laziest networker



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2 Point Strategy for December, 2011 Succees Depends on It


So we’ve learned from Covey how to find and use our voice and it makes sense.

But……here comes December…..ut-oh…..holidays?  No one wants to start a business in December….too much going on.

Years ago a shoe company sent to salesman to Austrialia……different modes of transportation, neither knew the other was there.

Within in 24 hours…..but salesmen contacted the company.

One said, “Aborigines don’t wear shoes, get me home now!”

The other said, “Aborigines don’t wear shoes, send boat loads!”

Guess which one made money…..lots of it?

Networkers and December are the same story.

Pros have their best months….ametuers pack it in.

December is the foundation for the upcoming year and most networker pack it in by the 10th of December.

That is fine with me…..it narrows the field by 90% or more.

And that 90% spend the first 6 weeks of the next year trying to get people going again.

WOW…..that means they are shutdown from December 10th till the middle of Feburary…..giving me and people who know the December Solution a immense advantage over those who have, in essence closed their business for two months.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Imagine you own a family style restaurant and there is another family style restaurant across the street.  The both of you are competing for the same dollars and from the same families.  How would you feel if the guy across the street closed for two months?  Pretty good, right?

Imagine the field day that people who know these two strategies have when 95% of all network marketers shut down.  That would be like 95% of the restaurants near you closing down.  Very cool.

There are two considerations.


After it’s all said and done about 20% of the people that we talk to are serious candidates.  80% are not.

Here’s the trick.

In months like June and July, any month except December, the 80% give us stupid excuses.  They say things like, “I gotta fix my porch, I’m going on vacation, I just got back from vacation, ect.”  And we press on and keep talking to people.  But in December that same 80% has a “go to” excuse.  “Give me a call after the holidays.”  What happens is amateurs hear the same excuse over and over rather that a bunch of different ones and the start to believe that no one want to talk to them till after the holidays.  They believe the collective consciousness of the 80% and pack it in.

So consideration 1 is understanding this built-in excuse is really the same as the excuses in all the other months.  But here is where it’s gets interesting, the 20% that come to the table in the other months are “pretty interested” and the 20% that come to the table in December are highly interested, ready to buy and ready to join.

A little common sense.  What month of the year does a lack of money and a lack of time resonate the most?


December has always been my highest recruiting months because I know that people who come to the table don’t want to feel the same way next December as the do right now.  Closing them is so easy and you’ll see that in the video.


Your team.  Use this blog or the video from it to get your team to understand what a bonanza December is for 2 reasons.  One consideration 1.  Two the fact that all other networkers have quit by December 10th.

The key is to sell your team on next year being their best year and it’s really easy if you follow this simple suggestion.

Meet with your teammates and ask them if they want 2011 to be a record year.  Have them write or re-write a goal statement.  Go over their goals with them and use the techniques in this post, The Influencer.

In essence you take their goal statement and using the information gleaned from The Influencer you schedule 8-10 hours of calls with them during the first 2 1/2 weeks of December helping them improve, teaching them skills.

Because December is such an easy month to recruit and you’ve made 18-24 hours of calls with people they have to many things going on, sign-ups, getting people started ect. that they end up skilled, growing and authentically optimistic when January 1st comes along.

While others scramble to get their teams re-started……..you and your teams pull futher and further away

Tweet this and email it to your team…..and watch what happens


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker


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6 Things We Must Know to Lead ~ Covey’s 8th habit


So, with Covey’s help, we’ve found our voice and we know how to express it……and some new folks came in.

Now what?

Covey’s book, The 8th Habit, did to leave me hanging…….and I won’t leave you hanging……

Everybody knows the work begins after getting them in…..your ‘voice’ and how to ‘express’ is ….is a lot but it isn’t enough.

We’ve got to be sensitive and knowledgeable about both the challenges new people face and what to do about them.


In sports….golf, baseball, etc., there is an expression ~ “The Sweet Spot.”  It’s when you hit the ball perfectly….just nail it.  It’s a wonderful feeling…it travels far and when you hit it….it’s effortless and you’ve hit it so perfectly that you don’t feel any vibration…..none…..whoosh….superb.

The same is true about a group……once you hit the ‘sweet spot’ with your teams, it feels effortless and man-o-man does it travel far…..it duplicates.

To hit that spot with people is special.  It affects lives.  Is there anything better than people making changes and reaching greatness within their potential……and if it is done right, they stretch their potential becasue they want to……imagine a group that motivates you instead of you trying to motivate them?


It is ….the ‘why’…..important.  But the reason they joined is bigger.

They want change.

Change is difficult because under stress, and anything new is stressful, people tend to fall back on what is familiar…..the very behaviors that got them into a position they wanted to change.  You gotta love irony. 🙂

We must know these 6 things are “there” and deal with them before they become issues.  Most people who can sponsor people don’t know these 6 things….so they keep sponsoring new people thinking the ones they sponsored just did not want it bad enough…..a huge mistake that duplicates with other leaders…….so sad.

Remember Coach Wooden’s famous leadership statement…”We manage things, we work with people.”…..and my experience is most people who start to grow a group do exactly the oppostie……and it never really takes off.

Here are the 6 things you, as a leader, must help new people manage…..you help them manage these 6 things and your teams will hit the sweet spot.


1. Clarity

They do not have a clue as to what your organizations goals are.  We let them pick what they want, their ‘why’ but we never are clear about what we want from ourselves and the team.  It has to be clear….so clear that they can communicate it.  “We want to build an organization where everyone hits their personal goals and runs so effectively that not only do they have the money they want, they have the time to enjoy it.  We want and need you to be a part of that.”

2. Committment

Organizations sputter because people don not buy into the goals of your team, your vision.  Passion goes a long way but 3-ways to people that you have bought in…..and making it a part of every meeting and branding the team adds significantly.  The two things that pushed commitment over the top is other people talking to them about their goals once you’ve got them in writing AND the time you and other’s invest in them on point 3: Translation.

3. Translation

When people join they do not know what is expected of them, what to do or how to do it.  Weve got….we must teach them some skills….and link the execution of those skills to the vision they have for themselves and the team.

4. Enabling

Not all enabling is bad…in this case, as Covey points out it is essential yet something very few organizations do.  This is structure…..in networking I like to call it ‘structured flexibility.

What does that mean?

  • Never get off the phone with a rep without the next goal advancing or income producing activity scheduled.  Schedule 2 things with them.
  • Teach them that we never get off the phone without scheduling the next activity.
  • Since you’ve scheduled 2, they will ALWAYS have 2.  That is the structure part.
  • Let them pick the times that are good for them, that’s the flexibility part.

You’ve got to have a system and nothing is better than the 3 Deep Pattern so 3 competent people are working with them ….2x a week.  Now you’ve got them doing income producing tasks with 3 people who know how to produce.

5. Synergy

Groups fail over tiny, petty things……always ego based.  Stay out of politics and practice this easy method I learned years ago……you want the reputation this will give, guaranteed.

When someone wants to tell you about a problem with someone else……from important to petty…..stop them dead in their tracks.

“Stop right there John.  Look, not everyone is going to get along all the time but I have a policy.  I simply will not talk about other people who are not present.  So we can 3 way them is and work this out.  Here is what you can count on.   I never talk about others.  Glad to mediate and work things out……and you can count on me doing the same for you…..I do it for everyone.”

Word spreads quickly that you simply do not talk about others……it spreads.

KEY: Do not slip, even if the person they want to talk about is a jerk……keep your guard up……and everyone likes this so much, once they see you will not budge, that they emulate it.  That creates synergy even with difficult folks.

6. Accountability

People don’t regularly hold themselves accountable.  We’ll discuss this further in the next post……but let’s begin with you.  I cannot tell you how many leaders I know who moan and whine about ‘no accountability’ but when I ask them….’so who are you accountable with everyday?’……there is always a whole lot of stuttering and stammering going on.

For some reason, earner never want to be held accountable……they just want to hold others accounatable…..

Do you have an accountability partner? A daily partner?

You focus on these 6 things for your group hitting the Sweet Spot is easy and fun.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

See you in a couple days with the last installment of The 8th Habit.

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If a dog can do this, shouldn’t we be able to grow a business?


We’ve been going over Convey’s 8th Habit the last few days …..and I will conclude that in the next post…..sometimes it’s a good idea to step back, relax and reduce our business to the ridiculous….because it really is a simple business…..and we all need to remind ourselves of that from time to time.   We need to remember the degree of difficulty for ourselves.


Well, the punks pushing big-ticket packages……the $2500 to $15,000 [after a series incremental upsells], sure want you to think that way.

They tell you that 95% lose money.

They promise to tell you the ‘secrets’ your upline won’t share with you.

They tell you that you’ll ‘never have to BOTHER your friends and relatives again’ and feel the ‘bitterness’ of constant rejection. [Think these self-serving morons will ever figure out the reason their ‘friends‘ and relatives rejected them was because they were self-serving, unlikable folks in the first place?]

The won’t tell you top-tier programs cost $10,000 a month of more in advertising……they won’t tell you that less than 5% of their recruits make any money at all……they won’t tell you that they charge people to look, [they call this sorting and funded proposals…..it’s just a con job to offset SOME of the advertising]…..they won’t tell you all the time spent of google ad-word research…..or …..that those $50,000 dollar months happen once or twice a year when they bring people together at an event and the Pros upsell people who are out $5000 to $10,000 bucks to a $15,000 deal……what they really won’t tell you is the truth…..they just couldn’t build a big networking organization…..they are in denial about that fact and would rather blame companies and the industry than take personal responsibility……..

BUT…..these guys and gals are REALLY, REALLY GOOD at ripping MLM while simultaneously showcasing PROJECTED differences…..like what they have will make a difference…..and they are clever at ‘distracting’ folks from the truth…..95% of all businesses fail.  That is a fact.

The big question is not about a business…..which is what ‘detractors’ do…….try to make people think it’s about the model……it is not….it is always about the individuals performance if they are in a business where others make money and do so ethically.

Sorry Top Tier Guys…..selling people stuff for $10,000 bucks and more that they can buy for 300 bucks is does not fit …..selling reference material available at Barnes and Noble or online…..and pretending that you are selling the benefits of the material as your product/service is just and old fashion shell game……no wonder they soured on networking….which is about 3 simple things, all based on helping others.


It is about giving away what you already have……in 3 simple steps……where the motivation is helping others get what they want.  Sounds pretty good to me.

Our job is easy…..to get a prospect to make a decision without embarrassing or pressuring them……Pretty simple.

It is 4 simple steps to success…..

1. Learn what to say so 90% or more say OK to looking.  Easy skill.

2. Let them look

3. Collect that decision.

4. When someone says ‘yes’ teach them step 1…..how to get people to say yes to looking, rejection free.


We think, because of the money….this is something different, more complicated.  We get nervous, say too much.

Networking is about as hard as telling a friend about a movie you like….which would not make anyone nervous….a good machanic….which none of us have fear of…….or telling someone about a good CPA…..it is easy………it is just learning that it is no big deal to recommend something you like to someone….

And…..if a dog can do this……we should be able to build a business …..and we do, successfully as soon as we realize we’ve all been doing networking since we were 6 years old…..and telling friends about Little League tryouts….movies…..new pizza shops …..which teachers are hard and which are not….once we get this…..repeat a few times everyday and anyone can MLM…..Make Lots of Money


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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